Why using a shredding company is the smart way to protect your business.

shredding companyIs dealing with your confidential waste an after-thought? It shouldn’t be, because a good shredding company like The Shred Centre could be the best friend your business ever had.

Why? It’s never been so vital that a business protects its data, thanks to the strict rules brought in by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in 2018.

A shredding company could save your business from a large fine, an investigation by the Information Commissioner’s Office, and a large dent in the trust the public has in you.

What does GDPR say?

  • Data must be held securely
  • Every organisation must have a data controller
  • Each business or organisation must give people ways to find out what information is held about them
  • IP addresses are now included in confidential data alongside addresses, names, phone numbers, and other details
  • Data breaches must be reported to the authorities within 72 hours – and in serious cases, those affected should be informed directly
  • The regulations include but it is not limited to paper documents, computer hard drives, and electronic media such as USB sticks
  • In the most serious cases, fines for data breaches can be imposed up to 20 million Euros, or 4% of worldwide, annual turnover, whichever is higher

How does this impact on your confidential waste?

The stricter atmosphere surrounding data protection now means you need to be ensuring everything that contains your confidential data is shredded securely after you’ve finished with it.

If you want your business or organisation to be secure and avoid fines, documents, hard drives, and electronic media like image cards should be destroyed.

And, of course, you should be able to prove it with documented evidence of destruction.

Previously, data protection was thought about in terms of computers and online safety. Now, the risk of data being stolen from improperly held or discarded documents forms a key part of the recent regulations.

Separating confidential waste from ordinary recycling, dealing with it securely, and destroying it in the right manner are important ways you can comply with GDPR.

What services does a shredding company provide?

Companies like The Shred Centre offer shredding at secure facilities (off site shredding) or shredding at your site (on site shredding).

Alongside document shredding, we offer hard drive and product destruction, and media shredding.

We issue Certificates of Destruction to ensure you have an audit trail for what has happened to your confidential data.

Look for a shredding company which has staff who are vetted to BS7858 standard, all their vehicles are satellite GPRS tracked, all paper is recycled, you get a Certificate of Destruction, and the company complies with BS EN15713:2009, just like we do at The Shred Centre.

If you’re thinking of struggling on doing your own shredding in-house, don’t forget you’ll need to buy and maintain a shredding machine which can be noisy and messy in the office.

Shredders can take up space you need for other things, too.

Your waste paper must also be recycled to comply with the Waste Management Regulations 2011.

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