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Why Should I Shred my Documents?

A question we are often asked is why should I destroy my documents via a secure shredding?
There are a number of reasons for adopting a secure shredding service, protecting personal data is not only a legal obligation but it also makes business sense.
In the information age all business produce and hold a variety of personal, sensitive and confidential business data that will need secure destruction.  Therefore every business will have to securely dispose of information at some point.
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Customer lists, account information, card and sales receipts, HR and other staff records all need to be kept secure.  Customers and employees legally have the right to have their personal information kept secure, even during the disposal of said information.
Making sure that the chain of custody during the disposal of information is secure and robust is a legal obligation of all UK businesses. Quite simply anything you place in a bin is your responsibility, if this material is personal data and accessed by unauthorised parties your business could be fined up to £500,000 by the information commissioners office.
Aside from your legal obligations, document shredding makes sense from a business point of view for the following reasons;
  • Your clients will expect you to protect their data
  • To protect your reputation
  • To protect your business
  • To protect your staff
  • Company Ethics

You may consider dealing with your confidential waste in house. However, this comes with several drawbacks:

  • You need to purchase and maintain a shredding machine.
  • The machine can be noisy and messy
  • Shredders can be bulky, taking up much needed office space
  • Disposing of the shredded paper in an environmentally friendly way may not be convenient
  • Waste paper will need to be recycled to comply with Waste Management Regulations 2011.
  • The management of the shredding process will take up valuable time of your staff

Using professional, confidential waste destruction shredding service provider such as The Shred Centre will protect your business, protect your staff and your reputation.

Our information security specialists provide shredding services that run in line with the EN 15713:2009 European standard for document destruction. We understand that many think that shredding documents is a viable alternative, however it may not be as secure as you think, and you may think you’re saving money but you will be shocked at how much you are risking.

To understand some of the costs associated with in house shredding please read our blog post here.

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