Product Destruction – Top 5 Reasons companies destroy products?

Production Destruction & Why Companies Do It

At The Shred Centre, we do more than shred documents. We have a stand alone product shredder that we use to destroy all manner of products for a wide variety of reasons. When we tell people about this the first question we are always asked is “Why do companies destroy products?”. We find people are often perplexed at the thought that a company chooses to pay for a secure product destruction service rather than automatically send products for re-use or resale.

Each individual company will have a different reason for wanting to undertake destruction of products, and we have devised a list below of the Top 5 Reasons that companies choose product shredding services with us.

Top 5 reasons to undertake product destruction:

Product destruction & brand protection

Products that don’t meet the quality standards can easily end up in the grey market and this can do major damage to your brand’s reputation. As the consumers attaining these products would automatically associate your brand with the mediocre products hence damaging your business and reputation.

Product destruction & limiting liability

When there are defective products that have not been properly destroyed that go out into the market they can easily expose the company to significant liability. As these products are either not meeting the government standards or your own, or both. This could do serious damage as it would give rise to product recalls or lawsuits being brought against the defective products.

Product destruction & propriety information

Some products contain technology which can store company, product and personal data which will require product destruction, so that leaking of propriety information or personal data can be prevented. It is important that this is done efficiently because in some cases there is highly sensitive information embedded in such drives chips which would do significant damage placed in the wrong handsgot their hands on it.

In these cases it is not just product destruction that is undertaken when products are shredded, but also secure disposal and destruction of the data contained within.                                                                                                                                                                  

Product destruction & security issues              

Some branded products such as uniform and ID cards and badges must be destroyed for security purposes. If obsolete branded work wear and old uniforms are not destroyed, there is a risk that they could be used to impersonate a representative of the brand or business. In some uniformed professions such as Policing, Healthcare & Security services improperly discarded uniform can have much more profound consequences that simply fraud or theft.

This is one of the main reasons why many companies and organizations shred uniforms and other branded products, equipment and workwear.

Product destruction & peace of mind

When you have your products destroyed by professional shredding company, who is certified and qualified to handle such destruction. You can be assured of total peace of mind. The risks of, financial, reputational and other associated losses is virtually eliminated. Meaning your business can focus on delivering to your customers without need to worry about protection.


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