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Who are you sharing your business information with?

Data Protection-Who are you sharing your business information with?

Good afternoon everyone!

How many of us leave paper documents on our desks when we leave the office?

At the weekend, myself and Patrick were on a city break in Sweden. It was great to have a break, it will be our last trip away before our baby is here in December. However as a family run business, we never really switch off and are constantly thinking of Data Protection and whilst walking around, we noticed a recurring theme, poor information protection practices!

The office shown in the photo below, had floor to ceiling glass windows, for the passer by to glance in. Each desk had paper documents with names addresses and even prices clearly visible. Although, not all of this information may have been confidential or personal data, it was most defiantly important business data to the company that was being worked on.

data protection fail

To the businesses we work with, we stress that all business information should be considered as confidential, the question to ask is – “Would I give this information to my biggest competitor?” If the answer is no ensure that you are prudent in how the information is handled, shared and indeed disposed of.

Since being back in the North East we have noticed similar sights, particularly on high streets but also in many ground floor office windows. We would urge any business who see traffic pass their windows to take the time to think what information they may be making public, without realizing.

To combat the risk of data breaches, which could lead to fines and reputational damage, the goal for businesses should be to work towards a culture of information security.  Shredding sensitive, personal and confidential documents is a good first step, as is adopting a clear desk policy and we can advise on best practice for both.

Feel free to give me a call on 01388 448 160 if you want any advice at all. I have added below some information on clear desk policies to help.

Have a great day

Natalie (and Bump 🙂 )


What is a clear desk policy (CDP)

A clear desk policy is a corporate directive that specifies how employees should leave their working space (desk) when they leave their office. Most companies who operate a clean desk policy, ask that all staff ensure all desks are clear of papers at the end of each day. This means shredding any documents that are no longer needed, putting them into a secure confidential console/bin or locking them aware in secure storage. This also applies to walls, notice boards and any other office space that may be visible. For example, a cleaner could come into an office and take away a vast amount of confidential information from paper lying around on desks. Today, CDP’s are increasingly being motivated by information security compliance regulations such as ISO 27001 and the Data Protection Act.

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