When having a service is not enough….

Today we want to show you when having a document destruction “service” is not enough.

Having “a service” is something you have done to your car and it may be a cliché but we believe that working in partnership is the only way to work. It is also the only way to ensure complete security to the businesses we protect.

The pitfalls of adopting a standard “service” provider are clearly shown in the image below.

How not to store your waste


This image is of one of our competitors’ secure consoles and was taken at a site we were visiting two days ago. Confidential waste is clearly accessible and when you consider that this secure unit is in a communal area of a serviced office, complex risks are multiplied. Various different (and competing) businesses use this console for secure waste and this data is in effect now being shared.

We know this issue has not been addressed by the current service provider. We were told this issue was a regular occurrence a couple of days before every service, when we asked an office user.

The reality is that in this case, the company servicing the site, are doing exactly what they said they would by providing a shredding service to the client.

However, at The Shred Centre we like to think that we provide more than just a service. We  actively secure business’ information through appropriate services that fit the needs of site users.

To do this, we offer the the following;

  1. Site audits are carried out prior to install of any units.
  2. Offer a trial period as standard to ensure recommendations made at site audits are correct in practice. Our trial periods are 8 weeks with no obligation to continue once ended.
  3. Destruction operatives that attend site are trained to spot any security weaknesses and report back to the account manager that same day, should any exist.
  4. In addition, we train our operatives to engage with clients where security weaknesses exist, explaining the risks.
  5. The account manager will book a visit to review security that same day if any risks are notified.
  6. We would recommend changes such as service schedule changes or changes to the number of installed consoles.
  7. Quarterly reviews are held with all clients to ensure that the needs have not changed on site.

In addition to making adaptations should over filling of consoles occur, we also make recommendations based on consoles being under filled. Reducing the number of bins or frequency to ensure a best fit service is in place.

At one of our customers’ sites recently we halved their collection frequency, changing their collections from every four weeks to every 8 weeks. This was down to our operative noting a change in their volumes, with the console being filled only half full on the last two collections.

We believe in, and actually adopt a partnership approach for two main reasons.

Partnership Concept.

Firstly it is the only way to ensure complete security, requirements and site operations will change over time and being in regular contact allows us to work with the businesses we service to keep them secure, planning for these changes rather than react.

Information protection. Usb flash memory and key

Secondly a healthy partnership is generally a longer term partnership. These types of partnerships protect our own business and keep us moving forward. We value each and all of the businesses we secure and keeping them secure is what keeps our company alive.