Shredded Week 17/06/19 – The Shred Centre


Never underestimate the influence of Monday

We are off to a flying start with our head driver Matthew, in Anglesey, providing our customer with on site shredding for all their sensitive data. Big job, but nothing we cannot handle. It was even sunny in Wales, making Monday that little bit easier to get through! 


The next big thing in shredding? We picked up the new Hybrid Electric Van today to trial… taking shredding to a whole new height! What is a Hybrid Van? Much like a hybrid car, a hybrid van or a hybrid light-goods vehicle is one that is powered by two different sources most often this is a combination of a petrol engine and a separate electric motor powered by a battery, helping to make the planet a little greener! Thank you to our Head driver Matthew for the great picture shot!


Another busy day here at The Shred Centre with our warehouse staff giving the warehouse a ‘spring clean’ as well as loading almost 25 tonne of paper ready to be recycled into loo roll! Well done guys and gals! We have had some banners made for the many exhibitions we plan on attending. See below our MD Patrick posing with them! Thank you Newton Press, they are great!


Well it can’t all be good all of the time or we would be lying to you! Today our Bin truck (good old faithful, Bob) broke down on us, however this was quickly fixed up thanks to Dodds Services, who were on hand to swiftly get us back on the road, providing our customers with their usual service. Katie in the office was quick to call customers and let them know of the issues. Great work Katie, thank you!

Rest assure, Bob the bin truck is back to full health


Our depot in Spennymoor was visited by HSE and it was a successful visit! All of our staff members in the office, warehouse and out on the road have and continue to do a fantastic job! That’s two successful audits in the last month #Oneteamonedream

Brilliant way to finish off the week!

The Shred Centre.