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Sun FM and The Shred Centre are delighted to document destruction announce partnership.

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The deal will see The Shred Centre become the Stations official document destruction and recycling partner, providing a regular collection service from site for the destruction of all paper waste and annual collections of WEEE (waste electronics and electrical equipment) containing sensitive data.

The Shred Centre specialise in document destruction and confidential waste services for businesses and individuals across the region, they are an independent company with a fantastic reputation in the industry. All of the materials they collect are securely destroyed to European standards and recycled 100%. The company services of 200 businesses in the region and has a fantastic reputation.

Managing Director of The Shred Centre, Patrick Stephens, expressed his thoughts about working with the Station:sunderland document destruction

“It’s fantastic to be working in partnership with Sun FM. The station is clearly committed to improving its data security and also its environmental footprint. They are a very forward thinking team and great at engaging with and promoting local businesses such as ourselves. This partnership gives us a great opportunity to help express to the local community of the environmental benefits of our service in addition to the security benefits. All of us at The Shred Centre are looking forward to working in Partnership with Sun FM for many years to come”

sunderland document destruction companyLouise Black, Office Manager at Sun FM, says:

“We are very excited to announce our partnership with The Shred Centre, they have a fantastic reputation. At Sun FM we are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our operations and this partnership will ensure that all paper based material and WEEE (Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment) containing data will be securely destroyed recycled.”


Data protection legislation

Data Protection Legislation – Does the Law say I have to shred confidential waste?

What does the law say about shredding confidential waste?

Data protection legislation in its current form, officially came in to being On the 24th October 1995. The European Parliament brought in to being Directive 95/46/EC, commonly referred to as the Data Protection Directive.

UK Data Protection Legislation

As members of the European Union, the UK was obliged to implement this directive.  The Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA 1998) was a result of this implementation. The act came in to force initially on 1st March 2000, with some certain provisions implemented later in October 2007.

Now, if you think that these documents are incredibly tedious and boring read, you would be right, THEY ARE!

(You can read the data protection act in full here!)

unfortunately for me, as a professional in the field, data protection legislation is required reading.

This means that I can answer with confidence the question we get asked a lot: “Does the law say I have to shred confidential waste?”

The simple answer is, NO!

At no point do the words shredding or confidential waste appear in either piece of legislation. In fact there is no suggestion of what methods should be used to destroy personal data.

What the Data Protection Act 1998 does say in Principle 7 is:

Appropriate technical and organisational measures shall be taken against unauthorised or unlawful processing of personal data and against accidental loss or destruction of, or damage to, personal data.

For those handling personal data, the ability to demonstrate that technical and organisational measures are in place is key.

If a company suffers and reports a data breach it means it has already happened, therefore action is almost always retrospectively enforced and historic processes and measures reviewed to establish compliance.

If it cannot be shown there is a documented, clear and appropriate system in place, then fines of up to £500,000 could be applied.

Outsourcing the destruction of information baring media to a confidential waste destruction company, ensure that businesses will be able to provide clear evidence of the measures in place at operational and managerial level.

Documents that all good confidential waste destruction companies should provide their customers if they want to ensure the most robust service is in place and being adhered to at all levels include as a minimum but are not limited too:

  • Written information destruction policy
  • Contract outlining service dates
  • Annual collection records to detail activity
  • Destruction certificates for all shredding services
  • Non-disclosure agreements signed by service drivers handling waste
  • Annual destruction facility report (if off-site shredding undertaken)
  • Confirmation of staff DBS checking & vetting proceduresdata protection legislation

In Summary:

  • The UK data protection legislation does not specifically mention that shredding is required in order to satisfy statutory obligations.
  • The law does require businesses to ensure that the have appropriate measures in place to ensure that personal data is protected.
  • If a company is found guilty of a data breach, then large fines can be handed out to businesses that do not have evidence of control measure in place.

The ICO’s website has a fantastic easy(ish) to read  guide to the data protection act, which is worth looking at to further understand your obligations.

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The Real Reason companies choose to adopt a shredding service.

Why do companies have a shredding service?

As a secure shredding company, this is a question we are often asked, and for a long time the answer was to me was quite straight-forward;

“There are many reasons that a company adopts secure shredding as an out-sourced service, which include but are not limited to improvements in profitability, to increase staff productivity, for reasons of compliance and for environmental reasons.”

This answer was has been generally supported when we have asked our customers, why do you have a shredding service?

The answers that come back all though often not worded the same could generally be placed in to one of the three categories above.

However we have recently taken a deeper look into the research we have undertaken with our customers, and realised that there is one single unifying reason that all of our customers have adopted our shredding service.

That reason, is respect.

In examining the responses we received, we could see that all of the responses citied that protecting data was the reason that they chose to adopt a service.

Obvious you may think, however what we found interesting was that these conscientious businesses over and over again stated they wanted to protect their customers’ data and their staff’s data.

Protecting their own business data was mentioned by a couple of companies too, as an aside, but the focus on protecting others’ information was a constant.

To sum it up the reason we exists as a shredding company, and are allowed to protect our customers, is because our customers respect their customers enough to ensure their data is secure.

Check out our MD Patrick talking about this.

Shredding in Harrogate

What we have been up to today – Shredding in Harrogate

Our Harrogate shredding service.

Today the Shred Centre have been out and about Shredding in Harrogate. We provide on site shredding in harrogate and offsite shredding in harrogate.

Our offsite vehicle was out today on its harrogate shredding rounds. Some highlights of the Harrogate shredding are below.

  • Regular shredding service in Harrogate

One of our regular customers had a massive clear out and called us in for a one off off-site shredding service. We came out to the site, collected all 150 sacks and took it away on a secure vehicle. All materials were destroyed the same day at our secure facility. Another successful trip with a happy customer for shredding in Harrogate.

  • Residential Shredding in Harrogate

As well as providing our offsite shredding services in Harrogate, to our contracted customers, we are always happy to help and provide our on site shredding service in Harrogate to our residential customers. We offer them a one off service, with no contracts in place. Today we are visiting a customer who is disabled and therefore unable to get to the sacks and boxes. There was a large number of sacks and boxes that needed to be shredded. The customer wanted to see the waste being shredded on site for peace of mind. We were happy to help out. Another successful customer for Harrogate shredding.

Offering our services for shredding in the Harrogate area has proved successful, with the demand for shredding in Harrogate being high.

If you would like more information on our shredding services, you can call us on 01325 300003 or email

Have a great bank holiday weekend everyone!

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Shredding in Sunderland – For Home and Business

Offsite shredding in Sunderland – Yesterday 12 / 8 / 15.

Just a quick update as to what we were up to yesterday,

We started Shredding in sunderland at 7:00am yesterday, with our route full of businesses needing shredding in Sunderland area. We collected waste from 3 of contracted clients who are serviced on a 4 weekly basis in the Sunderland and 8 customers who required our one off off site shredding in Sunderland service

At our first stop we collect the waste from an office location, this customer stores waste in a secure, lockable console which we provide contracted clients with as part of our service. Once confidential waste is deposited in these containers, it is only accessible by our vetted operatives. This means that our customers have compete peace of mind, once the confidential waste is deposited it is totally secure whilst awaiting destruction. Once the waste is collected from the consoles, it is then put on our secure off site shredding vehicle, and stored in an approved secure UN container for transport.

Once all of our Sunderland business shredding customers in were serviced, we moved on to the two residential customers we had, who need a one off clearance which was delivered by as part of our home shredding in Sunderland service. Again, the bags and boxes are put into a secure container for transport in our secure vehicle prior to its shredding and destruction in our local shredding facility.

All our regular and one off clients will receive their destruction certificates to document their waste as being destroyed securely, helping to demonstrate that appropriate measures have been taken.

All in all a successful day with our customers happy! If you need information on off site shredding in the Sunderland area, whether it’s for a one off collection or regular shredding service, give us a call and the office team will be more than happy to help!

Contact us if you are a business here or for a home shredding service click here.

Have great day!

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The Shred Centre in Yorkshire Shredding the 3 Peaks!


Shredding our Challenges – another one bites the dust!

On the 9th of August 2015, the Shred Centre team and friends took part in the 3 peaks challenge! We decided two months ago that it would be a great challenge and it would improve our team building skills! Having already completed the National 3 Peaks challenge in under 24 hours in 2014, the team at The Shred Centre were all looking forward to ticking off another challenge on our list! We think we are the only shredding company in Yorkshire who have completed this as a team!

Yorkshire shredding

Beautiful Views Awaited

The Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge takes on the peaks of Pen-y-ghent, Whernside and Ingleborough, usually in this order, and in under 12 hours. These peaks form part of the Pennine range, and encircle the head of the valley of the River Ribble, in the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

Pen-y-Ghent (694 metres)

Whernside (736 metres)

Ingleborough (723 metres)

Our challenge started at 7:00am where we began our walk up the first peak, Pen-y-Ghent. At this point it was raining, and a bit chilly! We also managed to take a minor detor, which added an extra 1km to our walk! We made it to the first peak, success! Our aim was to do the 3 peaks in 12 hours or under, the pace was set at a good walking pace, with no breaks or rests to our first peak. The walk down to the start of our second peak, Whernside, was a great walk with some beautiful views. Aches and pains started to kick in on the walk down to the second peak, with a good 4 hours of solid walking.

Shredding in yorksire

Olly Lawson from Harvey & Hugo En-route to Whernside


We took our first 10 minute break at the start of our second peak, even being able to grab a cup of tea! The walk up to Whernside was more intense than the first, but we kept going. 2 and a half hours and we made it up our second peak, with the rain coming down heavy and the fog really thick, we kept going. No breaks. Luckily the views were amazing on the route up before the clouds!

shredding company in yorkshire

View on the Whernside ascent

Another 2 hours and we made it down to the start of Ingleborough, where we took our second break, applying a lot of plasters and bandages to poorly feet! At this point we were tired, there is no doubt about that. But, we were determined to complete the challenge and in a good time so we started to make our way up our 3rd mountain, the last one, Ingleborough. This was a lot more technical than the other two peaks, with a steep climb up big rocks and the steepness seemed to never be ending. We were finally up our last peak, with a quick 2 minute break to catch a snap of us all at the top. Now all we had to do was climb down and walk back to where we started. This was hard as by this time it felt like our feet wanted to give up, but we did it! 11 hours of solid walking and we made it back to the bottom where we finished off the challenge with a well-deserved pint in the pub! Another challenge ticked off our list for The Shred Centre.

Another accomplishment and a great team bonding adventure. Well done everyone.

Now to prepare for our next adventure, coast to coast maybe? We welcome suggestions …..

Have a great week



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On site Shredding in Newcastle – What we are Shredding today 10/8/2015

On site Shredding in Newcastle – What we are Shredding today 10/8/2015

Happy Monday,

Today is a busy day for us at The Shred Centre, we have a number of customers booked in for on site shredding in Newcastle upon Tyne. We started the morning with at 7:30am , our on site shredding vehicle was required on site early to conduct a clearance of 150 archive boxes of confidential waste. All materials were collected at shredded on-site at the customer’s storage facility.

The next stop for our Newcastle upon Tyne on site shredding route, is for a customer who has a regular on-site shredding service for confidential waste in the city centre. We are due to conduct a floor walk and service 5 secure shredding consoles, replacing the internal sacks before taking the sensitive material to our on site shredding vehicle to destroy the waste in situ. Our customer likes to witness their confidential waste being destroyed in person and so our on site shredding service is perfect for them.

This afternoon we will be stopping at two local business parks, firstly we will be shredding on site at Quorum Business Park followed the on-site shredding vehicle heading to Team Valley shredding at on-site for 3 customers.

Its going to be a busy day, a great start to the week.

If you would like more detail about on site shredding follow the linked text, alternatively contact us today to discuss on site shredding for business.

Have a great week

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Shredding info – What is EN15713 ?

BS EN 15713; What is it?

As a company we work in line with this accreditation so we thought we would take a second to let you know what it actually means.

The BS EN 15713:2009 standard provides a framework of key conditions to be adhered to by companies who destroy confidential information on behalf of their customers; the security of this information being integral to this.

The system includes a number of conditions such as specific sizes to shred to, and how the destruction is monitored and controlled, as well as the following core aspects:

  • Security screening of personnel
  • Premises Security
  • How sensitive information is collected, retained and transferred
  • Security measures during destruction of materials
  • Management and control of confidential material destruction
  • Traceability of the destruction process

These elements mean that when we collect, transport, destroy and provide reports about the confidential information we destroy for our customers. customers can be assured that shredding is carried out in the most secure manner possible.

Our business is built around security and compliance and we ensure complete peace of mind.


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Our County Durham Shredding Service Net Promoter Score

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Shredding North East – Last Week

Another week shredding North East businesses’ most important information

Last week was a busy one for us at The Shred Centre, and saw us shredding north east businesses data. We visited pretty much every corner of the north east  shredding paper, shredding hard drives and shredding uniforms! Below you’ll find a brief taste of where and what we we shredding across the north east last week.

Newcastle City Centre Shredding

Shredding in Newcastle upon tyneNewcastle has some fantastic old buildings, we were lucky enough to be servicing a client who is a tenant in a beautiful Victorian building. We did not anticipate that the boxes that this customer wanted shredding would be up 4 flights of stairs. It was hard work bringing all 40 boxes down but our Newcastle On-site shredding team, were as efficient as ever and ensured the job was done. The customer was very happy and even called the office to say thank you to our team who made the whole process so simple, from point of order to serive delivery. If you need help with shredding in Newcastle City Centre, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Hard drive shredding in Sunderland

shredding hard drivesWe are in Sunderland shredding so regularly it is almost our second home, last week we shredded all ton’s of paper waste for businesses and residents alike. We also committed to shredding hard drives in Sunderland, for a customer who has a regular paper shredding service at their Sunderland office. In fact we shredded 20 drives which were no longer needed after a IT upgrade, as they work in the care sector they wanted complete security and peace of mind that the data was destroyed, we took them to our facility to witness the hard drive shredding take place.

Uniform Shredding in Hartlepool – why would you shred textiles then?

Uniform shredding, textile shreddingUniform and textile shredding often raises eyebrows when we mention we do this, often we are asked – who would shred textiles, why would they not give them to a charity shop? We asked this question when we were chatting with a new Hartlepool shredding customer that called in last week. Their reason for wanting a secure textile shredding service was to ensure that their uniforms were not used to gain access to any of the unit that they provide man guarding too. They wanted to make sure that their brand and their customers were protected, and so they wanted to securely shred their old uniforms. This was a great answer to a question we are asked a lot!

Shredding Durham City and shredding County Durham

We provided two off-site shredding services for a waste broker who utilise our shredding service for their customers, they had been let down previously by a national shredding company changing their agreement as it suited and issuing different prices for shredding in Durham City and shredding in County Durham. As a local Durham shredding company, we know the area and the region well and so don’t vary our service costs based purely on location. We carried out shredding in the centre of Durham City and also shredding in County Durham (Darlington – Lingfield Point) on the same day at the same price. The broker told us its great to work with local companies like us.

Commercial Shredding in Middlesbrough

Last week we were able to add another regular shredding collection in Middlesbrough to our north east shredding routes, we no proudly service the offices of a Middlesbrough based recruitment company every 4 weeks. They have committed to work with us to develop a information destruction policy and a secure media destruction service over the coming months, and we hope to beable to issue them with a Data Protection award once we have bedded in their system.

north east shredding

So as you can see its been a busy week for us protecting North East businesses, and we hope to be protecting and shredding more businesses this week.

Thanks for catching up with us, have a great week