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Happy Monday!

North East Secure Shredding Service

Last week we had a great week at The Shred Centre. Our mission was to contact some of the largest businesses who are based in the North East. As a region we have some very strong businesses, who are recognised nationally and indeed internationally as industry leaders. It was great to find that on the whole, the majority of these large North East institutions are keen to support local businesses such as ours.

A response that typifies the support and positivity we received came when we called to offer our secure shredding services for an off shore engineering company was;

Although they were in contract, they stated that they “are very focused on using local businesses so look forward to talking to you later this year”. We informed this large multinational company that we are a family run North East document shredding company with over 15 years industry experience, who are keen to work with the region’s top businesses.

We were already proud of our region and the fantastic businesses that are located in the North East. We are also delighted for the support that we have received for our local North East secure shredding service, particularly from the dreaded “cold calls” we have been making. This has only strengthened our sense of regional pride.

If you are a local business and looking for support and help, my advice would be to pick up the phone and call the businesses you want to work with, as on the whole they have been very friendly!

And if we can be of any help, please call us on 01388 448160
Have a great week


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