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Shredding North East – Last Week

Another week shredding North East businesses’ most important information

Last week was a busy one for us at The Shred Centre, and saw us shredding north east businesses data. We visited pretty much every corner of the north east  shredding paper, shredding hard drives and shredding uniforms! Below you’ll find a brief taste of where and what we we shredding across the north east last week.

Newcastle City Centre Shredding

Shredding in Newcastle upon tyneNewcastle has some fantastic old buildings, we were lucky enough to be servicing a client who is a tenant in a beautiful Victorian building. We did not anticipate that the boxes that this customer wanted shredding would be up 4 flights of stairs. It was hard work bringing all 40 boxes down but our Newcastle On-site shredding team, were as efficient as ever and ensured the job was done. The customer was very happy and even called the office to say thank you to our team who made the whole process so simple, from point of order to serive delivery. If you need help with shredding in Newcastle City Centre, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Hard drive shredding in Sunderland

shredding hard drivesWe are in Sunderland shredding so regularly it is almost our second home, last week we shredded all ton’s of paper waste for businesses and residents alike. We also committed to shredding hard drives in Sunderland, for a customer who has a regular paper shredding service at their Sunderland office. In fact we shredded 20 drives which were no longer needed after a IT upgrade, as they work in the care sector they wanted complete security and peace of mind that the data was destroyed, we took them to our facility to witness the hard drive shredding take place.

Uniform Shredding in Hartlepool – why would you shred textiles then?

Uniform shredding, textile shreddingUniform and textile shredding often raises eyebrows when we mention we do this, often we are asked – who would shred textiles, why would they not give them to a charity shop? We asked this question when we were chatting with a new Hartlepool shredding customer that called in last week. Their reason for wanting a secure textile shredding service was to ensure that their uniforms were not used to gain access to any of the unit that they provide man guarding too. They wanted to make sure that their brand and their customers were protected, and so they wanted to securely shred their old uniforms. This was a great answer to a question we are asked a lot!

Shredding Durham City and shredding County Durham

We provided two off-site shredding services for a waste broker who utilise our shredding service for their customers, they had been let down previously by a national shredding company changing their agreement as it suited and issuing different prices for shredding in Durham City and shredding in County Durham. As a local Durham shredding company, we know the area and the region well and so don’t vary our service costs based purely on location. We carried out shredding in the centre of Durham City and also shredding in County Durham (Darlington – Lingfield Point) on the same day at the same price. The broker told us its great to work with local companies like us.

Commercial Shredding in Middlesbrough

Last week we were able to add another regular shredding collection in Middlesbrough to our north east shredding routes, we no proudly service the offices of a Middlesbrough based recruitment company every 4 weeks. They have committed to work with us to develop a information destruction policy and a secure media destruction service over the coming months, and we hope to beable to issue them with a Data Protection award once we have bedded in their system.

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So as you can see its been a busy week for us protecting North East businesses, and we hope to be protecting and shredding more businesses this week.

Thanks for catching up with us, have a great week