Shredding Services and Data Protection – Sweat the Small Stuff.

shredding data

Shredding services are no longer the priority defence when it comes to protecting your personal data, would you agree?

You might find it odd to hear that from a specialist security shredding company, but we would agree. There are far easier ways for criminals and identity thieves to steal your personal data and through the digital world, as we become more and more reliant on technology.

Protecting digital information is fast becoming the most effective way for companies and individuals to protect themselves from the most prolific attacks. Password protection, improved encryption and system auditing are up there as some of the most effective defences against these digital threats.

So are shredding services now obsolete?

Most definitely not. The fact is that when protecting your data it’s the little things that matter the most.

Some examples of why we think you should sweat the small stuff are;

  • Discarded items containing names and addresses could be used by fraudsters to create accounts in your or your business name. We suggest shredding all such documents to ensure your protection.
  • Notes jotted through the day by workers on jotter pads and at home by individuals, can often contain personal and sensitive data that can be used to hack computers, or as convincing material to impersonate you.
  • Old PC towers are often discarded when not needed. These data bearing devices often do not have their hard drives removed and with old encryption and software, are easy for criminals to access and utilise the data therein.
  • Printed materials used in day to day meetings for businesses are often held for that meeting and discarded, these items can contain project sensitive information and potentially sensitive customer, staff or client data. This information could be used to very damaging effect.

Our advice is to shred all documents that you utilise whilst at work and don’t take the risk on deciding what is or isn’t protected. Because that small piece of information could be used in ways you could not conceive.

As a private individual, we would suggest shredding all material that comes to you, that isn’t marketing materials from companies. It is really amazing what a criminal can do with a simple letter containing your name and address and some supporting documents.

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