yorkshire shredding

The Shred Centre in Yorkshire Shredding the 3 Peaks!


Shredding our Challenges – another one bites the dust!

On the 9th of August 2015, the Shred Centre team and friends took part in the 3 peaks challenge! We decided two months ago that it would be a great challenge and it would improve our team building skills! Having already completed the National 3 Peaks challenge in under 24 hours in 2014, the team at The Shred Centre were all looking forward to ticking off another challenge on our list! We think we are the only shredding company in Yorkshire who have completed this as a team!

Yorkshire shredding

Beautiful Views Awaited

The Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge takes on the peaks of Pen-y-ghent, Whernside and Ingleborough, usually in this order, and in under 12 hours. These peaks form part of the Pennine range, and encircle the head of the valley of the River Ribble, in the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

Pen-y-Ghent (694 metres)

Whernside (736 metres)

Ingleborough (723 metres)

Our challenge started at 7:00am where we began our walk up the first peak, Pen-y-Ghent. At this point it was raining, and a bit chilly! We also managed to take a minor detor, which added an extra 1km to our walk! We made it to the first peak, success! Our aim was to do the 3 peaks in 12 hours or under, the pace was set at a good walking pace, with no breaks or rests to our first peak. The walk down to the start of our second peak, Whernside, was a great walk with some beautiful views. Aches and pains started to kick in on the walk down to the second peak, with a good 4 hours of solid walking.

Shredding in yorksire

Olly Lawson from Harvey & Hugo En-route to Whernside


We took our first 10 minute break at the start of our second peak, even being able to grab a cup of tea! The walk up to Whernside was more intense than the first, but we kept going. 2 and a half hours and we made it up our second peak, with the rain coming down heavy and the fog really thick, we kept going. No breaks. Luckily the views were amazing on the route up before the clouds!

shredding company in yorkshire

View on the Whernside ascent

Another 2 hours and we made it down to the start of Ingleborough, where we took our second break, applying a lot of plasters and bandages to poorly feet! At this point we were tired, there is no doubt about that. But, we were determined to complete the challenge and in a good time so we started to make our way up our 3rd mountain, the last one, Ingleborough. This was a lot more technical than the other two peaks, with a steep climb up big rocks and the steepness seemed to never be ending. We were finally up our last peak, with a quick 2 minute break to catch a snap of us all at the top. Now all we had to do was climb down and walk back to where we started. This was hard as by this time it felt like our feet wanted to give up, but we did it! 11 hours of solid walking and we made it back to the bottom where we finished off the challenge with a well-deserved pint in the pub! Another challenge ticked off our list for The Shred Centre.

Another accomplishment and a great team bonding adventure. Well done everyone.

Now to prepare for our next adventure, coast to coast maybe? We welcome suggestions …..

Have a great week