Shredded Week – The Shred Centre

Its been another busy week at the shred centre


This Monday we had our drivers out shredding in Birmingham, with 15 collections taking place across the City by Abbie. It was great to have 4 new regular customers having consoles installed. She also came back with a gift for us, Kacie. Kacie Stephens has joined at the Depot to oversee destruction operations alongside Mark & Shane.

The warehouse started the week with a shipping 23-Tons of material to Prudhoe Mill for recycling into tissue paper which was a great start to the week.

Katie provided the office with some much needed costa’s to start the week off on the right foot.


You may have spotted new man Tim , dotting about completing off-site shredding collections around Newcastle on Tuesday on one of our vans completing 11 collections in record time in the sun, well done tim!

Tuesday say Leigh and Katie handle no less than 45 incoming enquires through or shredding request forms online and over the telephone – were yet to see our conversion rate as some are still live enquiries but it was a busy day to say the least.

Jordon Dodd’s of Dodds Site Services was with us on Tuesday performing some barrier installations to keep us a little safer in the warehouse.


On-site shredding in Teesside, took up Matts day on Wednesday providing witnessed destruction for a number of our regular clients, and also a one off shred for a domestic customer who booked in a home shred.

In the office we finally had our digital clock in system installed, which was great and Leigh confirmed a product destruction job for 6-ton plus of clothing for a new customer.

The warehouse shipped another 23-ton of paper off for recycling, no hiccups – oooh and we tidied the tool area finally.


Thursday saw Abbie out in Newcastle & Teesside on bob the bin truck. Collecting 9-ton of printers waste paper which is to be shredded and recycled.

Katie kept the office running smoothly, while Patrick and Louise Mackenzie assisted a lovley team of 2 from the HSE who conducted a premises inspection. Safe to say all was tip top and in shape, no fees for intervention, fines or improvement notices for us – just some great advise from the guys that turned up on how we can improve.

The warehouse saw a bumper 24 ton of paper out of the door on Thursday too, which was great to see and Kacie finished her induction days and was able to get stuck in with the lads with the first task of tightening up on housekeeping around the unit, shredding is messy!


Friday saw Matt in Manchester, Tim collecting 300 plus boxes in Bishop Auckland and Abbie shredding on site in Darlington you may have seen her with new eyelashes and eyebrows, its not part of the new uniform – she is getting ready for our work shin-dig on Saturday in Durham.

Abbie picked up the driver of the week award from the office, for her constant hard work and effort during the week – its not because she fluttered those lashes.

Leigh returned to the office after resting up post back surgery today too, with her first port of call buying the coffee and bacon sarnies. Katie missed out on the sarnies with a rare day off, though she still fired out responses to her emails as the came in.

Mark loaded a final 23-ton of shredded material on Friday off to Prudhoe this week taking us just shy of 100-ton for this week, and the afternoon saw the team work on cleaning down and maintenance of our machines in the warehouse – preparing them for a busy short week next week.

What a week, what a team.