The Shred Centre – Shredded Week – 22nd July 2019


The weekends are over too quickly. However, what a great start to our working week with our drivers straight out the depot at 6 am this morning and our warehouse staff clearing the warehouse ready for the drivers returning. Our office manager Katie is on her jollies this week sunning it up in France but we have Leigh holding the fort for us! We hope you have a great time Katie, keep your sun though, as it has been a scorcher here in England! That’s it for our Monday, we will leave you with an inspiring quote…

Monday Quote:

‘Do something today that your future self will thank you for’


Wow, what a warm day it has been, our drivers most certainly wishing the cold weather back! But, still 100% effort all round! Thank you drivers, and also a big thank you to our warehouse staff who have definitely felt the heat in the warehouse! Troopers,  all of them!


Still loving the warm weather, doesn’t it put a  smile on everyone’s face? We have had some great feedback from our customers for services we carried out last wee. It is always nice to hear from a customer that they loved the service and that they will recommend us. That’s what it is all about for us here at The Shred Centre!


All systems go today and it is the hottest day of the year! Wow, it was a hot one!  We had all our drivers out the depot by 6 am! Ensuring they can reach every customer, keeping everyone happy! Great effort from our warehouse staff too as it felt like an oven in the depot, yet they kept pushing on and got 60 bales out to Prudhoe! Impressive! 24 tonne of paper being 100 % recycled into loo roll! It was also a very early start for Leigh, who headed out the door at 6:30 am to network with other like-minded business people, a positive meeting! 😊


Glad it has cooled down just a touch! This Friday’s blog section is a little different as we want to give our readers a break down of the different types of services that we offer, see below!

On site shredding – what does this mean?

On site shredding involves a vehicle coming to you at your premises and destroy your confidential data at your workplace or home! The shredder is built into the back of the vehicle and you can even watch your materials being shredded! This service is beneficial to anyone looking to have their data destroyed securely there and then a 100% secure service is what we offer.

Off-site shredding – What does mean?

Off-site, shredding is when we send our GPS tracked vehicle to your site, our fully vetted driver/s, who then collect your confidential data and it is transported back to our depot where it will be shredded within 24 hours to standard EN15713. All data is transported in our self paper bags and we bring lockable wheelie bins with us for transportation. Again, this service is 100% secure and very popular with our customers.

It has been a great week and we are already looking forward to what next week brings us here at The Shred Centre (maybe not the rain that is forecast)!

Have a great weekend all, The Shred Centre Team.