The Shred Centre – Shredded Week – 15th July 2019


Another lovely start to the week weather-wise! If only it could be nice and sunny all the time! We have dived headfirst into this new week, with our drivers all out of the depot by 6am to ensure they can complete their route and not let any customers down! Good job drivers and a big thank you to the guys (and gals!) for your constant hard work, and lovely happy smiles all round, always! We are often complimented on what a lovely attitude our drivers have when attending site.  A smile can go a long way and can make some one’s day, that’s what we are about here at The Shred Centre. Happy Monday all!

 ‘Your energy introduces you before you even speak’


Today rather than tell you all about how our Tuesday has gone, we thought we would give you all a little insight into the GDPR regulation that came into effect May 2018, have a read below!

GDPR explained in 5 minutes …

What does it stand for?

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation.

What is GDPR?

GDPR consists of a long list of regulations for the handling of consumer data, GDPR regulations came into effect on May 25th 2018, it has been in negotiating for over four years. The goal for the new legislation is to keep existing protocols in place, whilst increasing the safety of individuals.

Who will enforce it in the UK?

The information’s Commissioners office.

What’s New?

There are new rights for people to access the information companies hold about them, obligations for better data management for businesses, and a new regime of fines.

What did GDPR replace?

In the UK, the government has created a new Data Protection Act (2018) which replaces the 1998 Data Protection Act.

Accountability and Compliance

Companies covered by the GDPR are accountable for their handling of people’s personal information. This can include having data protection policies, data protection impact assessments and having relevant documents on how data is processed.

GDPR Fines

One of the biggest, and most talked about, elements of the GDPR has been the ability for regulators to fine businesses that don’t comply with it. If an organisation doesn’t process an individual’s data in the correct way, it can be fined.

What happens if you aren’t GDPR Compliant?

Failure to comply with GDPR can end up with a big lump of a fine! The extent of the fines your company will receive depends upon how severe the breach is, and the compliance actions you’ve taken because of the breach.


Our warehouse staff has been busy today! Our warehouse operative Mark has loaded 52 bales to send to Prudhoe, which is the equivalent to 19 tonnes! 19 TONNES of paper ready to be recycled and turned into loo roll! Great stuff, below is a picture of Mark Parsons, looking happy as always! Hehe. Great work all, Teamwork really does make the dream work!



Thursday’s mean pre-Friday! Almost at the end of the week, and a good week it has been! The office ladies have been busy, booking in all the schools for their annual clear out! And the drivers have all been superstars with all their hard efforts. We have had a few ‘big’ jobs throughout this week and drivers have got on with it, even in the heat, ensuring all jobs are completed to a high standard, which means happy customers. That’s what we aim for!


These weeks are flying by! Soon be Christmas .. or is it too soon to mention that word!? Another fantastic week here at The Shred Centre. Warehouse staff getting bales ready for next week, and our drivers smashing through their Friday route! Our office manager Katie is a little over-excited too as today is her last working day and then she goes on annual leave for a week! Jetting off to France with the family! We hope you have a lovely time and bring back the sunshine! Here’s to hoping Leigh copes well with next week’s pressure on her own, you’ve got this Leigh!

Thank you to our fabulous team for a great week!