The Shred Centre – Shredded Week – 5th August 2019


It was a wet start for all here today in the North East, but that didn’t stop us. The drivers left the depot by 6am, all ready to go! It has been busy in the depot for the warehouse staff too, see what they get up to in the below picture!

Monday motivational quote:

‘A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all’










How can it be August already!? These months are flying! A successful day for the office, with Leigh securing two new contracts for our regular services. Well done Leigh – keep it up! Katie has been gathering feedback from our customers, who we serviced last week and it has all been 100% positive. Excellent effort from all involved, what more could we ask for. Have a read below for a little information on the regular services we offer.

‘Keep on top of your old paperwork with a regular shredding service. No more piles of documents hanging about your office! We help you free up space and save time. Call us to book a trial.’


What a beautiful day it is, the sun is shining and a perfect summer day! The sun always tends to make people smile that little more, and we love a bit of positivity. We have a busy day here at The Shred Centre, with our drivers out in Cumbria (enjoying the fantastic views of course) and another route covering the Leeds area. Both routes have big clear outs, so its non-stop for the drivers today. They really are superstars! It’s not even 10 am today and we have had our first customer call in about a service they had an hour ago ‘Couldn’t have asked for better customer service and great work from the driver/s, will definitely be using your service again’ . That is what it is all about here at The Shred Centre! Fantastic work from the office ladies and our drivers, thank you! What a great way to start the day!


Early start for Leigh this morning who attended her BNI meeting and also presented a 4-minute presentation about what we do here at The Shred Centre, great effort Leigh and a big well done from the whole team! Networking is great and gets our name and brand out there, as well as hopefully securing new leads and new contracts!

Our warehouse staff have been busy getting the paper bales ready – what an amazing team they are, no matter what issues are thrown their way, they fix it immediately to ensure the working day continues! One more day until it’s the weekend!


Today our Managing Director, Patrick Stephens, has been out on the bin truck to service one of our regular customers over in Cumbria! Saving the day, as usual! We hope Patrick enjoys the lovely views!

We hope you all have a lovely weekend, and it isn’t too spoilt by the wet weather! Kacie, our Warehouse Manager, is also off now for the week and she’s off to the lovely city of Amsterdam, Enjoy!

We will leave you all with a positive quote: