secure confidential waste disposal

Secure Confidential Waste Disposal

Before a Data Security Breach, Know These Secure Confidential Waste Disposal Benefits as a Business

Secure confidential waste disposal, is it essential? Well this is common: In an office building, you find one form of entrance control or the other, such as burglar alarms, door lock, ID badges or swipe card, and most times there my advanced CCTV camera for surveillance and security guards. That’s cool and necessary! Isn’t it?

However, this is also common: Most companies or organizations don’t spend anywhere close as much money and time to ensure that data is discarded of securely when it’s ejected from the building. That isn’t cool! Is it?

Securing sensitive information from vulnerability and theft in this present digital world isn’t the same thing as putting a jaw-dropping lock on the file cabinet – not with the broad acceptance of cloud computing.

Even learning and taking every available precaution (the internet and the books have to offer) with identifying information, confidential documents, and online accounts, there are lots of ways that information can land into the possession of another company or individual, where it can potentially be made vulnerable to data leakage or data theft.

More so, leaving unshredded paper documents outside for collection by your (every day) dustbin men can be filched for corporate fraud, industrial espionage activities, or identity theft. Business plans, customer lists, R&D research, rotas and patrol times of security guards, and sales analysis will always remain of interest to journalists, thieves of different descriptions, and competitors.

Nevertheless, businesses in the UK are often warned not to take data protection with levity, especially when the economy is tumbling – this is when the security risks of a company traditionally spike.

If a company is unfortunate enough to experience a security breach, it could end up paying a potentially huge sum as fine. And the biggest loss comes in the form of irreversible, irreparable damage to the business’ reputation as was the case of Sony in 2013.

If you’ve forgotten the harsh lesson Sony taught the world on the importance of secure confidential waste disposal, we haven’t.

After Sony customer data leak, as stated by the breaching data protection law, they received a fine of £250,000. This is a glimpse of the fact that data protection breaches can be costly and deadly to any business’ financial life. The Sony case underscores why keeping data safe, secure, and confidential matters, and ultimately, the importance of secure confidential waste disposal.

Secure confidential waste disposal can be added as part of the waste management program of small and large business alike. It is preferable (most times) to in-house shredding because it’s often more secure and cost efficient while ensuring that data belonging to the organization or business, its customers, and its employees are kept safe.

Besides beefing up online security, it is likewise crucial that companies destroy every hard copy of confidential documents safely and securely. A confidential shredding service is a sure way to go to do this!

Three Important Areas of a Secure Confidential Waste Disposal Service

#1: Fast, Swift Destruction of Documents

A professional paper shredding service will ensure the timely disposal of your documents on a regular basis. There is a chance that relying on your team or employees to “get it done” could result in it “never happening.” Most of the time, there will be more urgent tasks begging to be done, which mean the company workers will probably leave document shredding for later. In situations such as this, you can’t afford to have sensitive documents lie around the office, as you risk the chance of misplacing them – and possibly getting into the possessions of competitors, thieves, and fraudsters.

#2: Secure Waste Disposal in a Secure Environment

The best, secure confidential waste disposal service won’t just destroy and dispose of your vital documents; they will do so in a safe environment – be it on-site within your business premises or in specially-equipped vehicles. If a shredding service says they are travelling far before they destroy them, stop them! You might suffer the outcome because there is a high probability that your documents will get missing or be intercepted.

#3: How best can you keep your data away from prying eyes if not via Trusted Operatives?

A top-priority goal of any business should be keeping sensitive info away from the view and territory of any person who has no business seeing (or reading) them. A competent service such as The Shred Centre will do a thorough background check on their staffs before employing and eventually training them. Much more importantly, no service will allow their workers see (or even read through) your documents before shredding them into tiny pieces. There’s no way you can be guaranteed the privacy and confidentiality of your documents better than this.

However, when you take an in-depth look, you will get to know that the biggest mistakes businesses make when it comes to safeguarding sensitive data are the shallow understanding of the residence of their sensitive data.

To better guarantee the safety of vital info, companies also need to educate their employees to understand how sensitive the data they work with and the role they need to play in keeping it safe. Essentially, this requires educating them about what and what not to do.

Securing sensitive data well requires doing the basics pretty well (such as tackling and blocking in football). Businesses should understand what the sensitive data is, create rules for handling it, execute technical control (for instance, working with a secure confidential waste disposal service) to ensure its proper handling, and train your users about their roles.

So, whenever it boils down to the sensitivity and confidentiality of potentially harmful data and document, leave no stone unturned. If you have a company or are a business in the United Kingdom, it will be worth your time finding out how The Shred Centre Disposal Services can help destroy and dispose of your confidential documents securely. Asides paper shredding, we also destroy data discs.