Thinking about regular shredding services? Here’s how they will help your business…

regular shredding services

There are several advantages to having regular shredding services for your business, whether that’s daily, weekly, monthly, or every quarter.

Keeping your site clear of old paperwork, hard drives, and media is important in meeting health and safety regulations. It also frees up valuable space.

Regular shredding services also help you comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), ensuring the confidential data held about customers, staff, and suppliers does not fall into the wrong hands.

Your staff doesn’t have to stand over a hot shredder and are freed up to work elsewhere in the business, and certificates of destruction give you an audit trail to prove you handle your confidential waste responsibly.


Which businesses and organisations would benefit from regular shredding services?


Financial services businesses – Including accountants, bookkeepers, financial advisers, debt collectors, credit control businesses, and insurance businesses. All produce regular documentation for clients and hold confidential data about them on hard drives. They also need to ensure their confidential and sensitive data is handled in accordance with FCA rules and GDPR.


Legal practices – Law firms hold a great deal of confidential information about their clients and understand the need to ensure they comply with regulations such as GDPR. Having a regular, secure shredding service for documentation, old hard drives, and removable media takes the stress out of the situation and ensures everything stays within the law.


Busy offices and call centres – If your business produces a lot of paperwork, you’ll need to ensure the out-of-date documents are shredded regularly to keep on top of the paper waste and maintain your data protection practices. If your business deals with hundreds of laptops and smartphones which could also contain data, regular hard drive shredding for old models will also help you comply with GDPR.


Printers – The sheer volume of printing waste such as spoiled papers, copies with incorrect registration, and paper off-cuts inspires most printers to ensure they have a regular shredding service so they maintain their responsibilities to the environment and recycling and comply with GDPR.


Hotels and restaurants – From old copies of customer receipts and customer correspondence to supplier bills, hospitality businesses hold a lot of information on their systems and produce a great deal of documentation which contains confidential data such as names, addresses, phone numbers, and banking details.


Healthcare companies – Care providers, dentists, chiropractors, therapists, and opticians are just some of the healthcare businesses which would benefit from regular shredding. They deal with medical records, staff records, and correspondence.


Schools and colleges – With hundreds or thousands of pupils or students, every school or college has a mountain of old files, copies of letters to parents, and old staff records. All must be handled within the rules of GDPR, so regular secure shredding services are ideal for ensuring schools and colleges maintain their duty of care for confidential data.


Public bodies – Such as local councils, health trusts, and government departments. These organisations produce thousands of documents every day across the UK and regularly update computers, so keeping on top of old correspondence and files is vital.


What should you look for in a shredding business?

Look for a company Like The Shred Centre which:

  • Gives you a flexible service tailored to your needs
  • Has good reviews and testimonials from clients
  • Has ISO accreditations for safety, quality, and the environment
  • Offers secure shredding at a CCTV-monitored facility
  • Issues certificates of destruction


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