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Paper Recycling Service

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Paper Recycling

Paper recycling is a core part of our business. At The Shred Centre we recycle all of the paper we collect, and so paper recycling forms an integral part of our secure shredding service.

That being said some types of business produce paper waste as part of their operational processes in large quantities. At The Shred Centre we work with such companies in order to determine if there is any monetary value or paper rebate value to the paper recycling service we would provide.

If you are a business that requires bulk paper recycling services, such as a printer or a manufacturer we can help, we can provide large skips, compactors or containers for on site storage prior to paper recycling.

The paper recycling process is beneficial to the planet, for every tome of paper recycled we save 17 Trees, that equates to a lot more beutiful green spaces and a longer life for Earth!

If you are interested in a paper recycling service please get in touch, we will be able to tell you over the phone if there is a potential for us to buy your paper waste from you.

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