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Health and Safety Executive Premises Visit for our County Durham Shredding Facility

Last month saw us have our second visit in six weeks at our…
July 15, 2019/by Sion Garrett

What have we been up to this week at The Shred Centre?

After a lovely weekend of sunshine, it’s all positive…
July 12, 2019/by Sion Garrett

Upgrading your business laptops? Hard drive destruction is vital to protect your data

If it’s time to upgrade your business laptops, don’t forget…
July 12, 2019/by Sion Garrett

The Shred Centre Week 17 June 2019

July 2, 2019/by Sion Garrett

Shredding Services and Data Protection – Sweat the Small Stuff.

Shredding services are no longer the priority defence when…
June 17, 2019/by Sion Garrett

The Shred Centre week 10th June 2019

June 14, 2019/by Sion Garrett

Confidential Data disposal – why it’s important not to let standards slip.

Confidential data disposal is a vital part of keeping an…
June 11, 2019/by Andrew Jackson

What to consider when classifying data as confidential at work?

June 11, 2019/by Andrew Jackson

The Shred Centre – Shredded Week – 03/06/19

June 10, 2019/by Andrew Jackson

Shredded Week – The Shred Centre 27/05/19

June 4, 2019/by Andrew Jackson

Shredded Week – The Shred Centre

May 28, 2019/by Andrew Jackson
off site shredding service

How our off site shredding service saves you time

May 21, 2019/by Andrew Jackson
shredding company

Why using a shredding company is the smart way to protect your business

May 21, 2019/by Andrew Jackson
on site shredding

Why on site shredding is becoming more important

May 20, 2019/by Andrew Jackson

What have we all been up to at The Shred Centre this month?

May 10, 2019/by Andrew Jackson

Product Destruction – Top 5 Reasons companies destroy products?

Production Destruction & Why Companies Do It
At The Shred…
October 9, 2017/by The Shred Centre
National Confidential Waste

National Confidential Waste Partnership Begins

National Confidential Waste Partnership Begins.
Today marks…
January 19, 2017/by The Shred Centre
secure confidential waste disposal

Secure Confidential Waste Disposal

Before a Data Security Breach, Know These Secure Confidential…
September 21, 2016/by The Shred Centre
Sunderland shredding

Sun FM and The Shred Centre are delighted to document destruction announce partnership.

The deal will see The Shred Centre become the Stations official…
February 3, 2016/by The Shred Centre
Data protection legislation

Data Protection Legislation – Does the Law say I have to shred confidential waste?

What does the law say about shredding confidential waste?
January 26, 2016/by The Shred Centre
shredding, why shredding companies shred

The Real Reason companies choose to adopt a shredding service.

Why do companies have a shredding service?
As a secure shredding…
January 8, 2016/by The Shred Centre
Shredding in Harrogate

What we have been up to today – Shredding in Harrogate

Our Harrogate shredding service.
Today the Shred Centre have…
August 28, 2015/by The Shred Centre
shredding, sunderland shredding, paper shredder

Shredding in Sunderland – For Home and Business

Offsite shredding in Sunderland - Yesterday 12 / 8 / 15.
August 13, 2015/by The Shred Centre
yorkshire shredding

The Shred Centre in Yorkshire Shredding the 3 Peaks!

Shredding our Challenges - another one bites the dust!
August 11, 2015/by The Shred Centre
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