How our off site shredding service saves you time

off site shredding serviceHave you been thinking about using an off site shredding service?

There are many benefits, but the main one is that it saves you so much time – something which is precious to anyone running a busy organisation or growing a business.

Your confidential waste must be dealt with securely, and an off site shredding service helps you protect your data and comply with the law.

Putting old documents containing names, addresses, email addresses, National Insurance numbers, banking details, staff records, disciplinary letters, or medical information into the ordinary recycling could now see your organisation being hit with a hefty fine of up to 20 million Euros.

It could also suffer irreparable damage to its reputation.

What are five ways The Shred Centre’s off site shredding service saves you time and hassle?

  1. Your staff don’t have to spend time at the shredder– How much confidential waste does your business or organisation produce?

Even the smallest office can produce hundreds of waste documents every month. It would be worth working out how long it would take a member of your staff to stand over a shredder and destroy it.

Our guess is that, in the average office, it would probably take up a minimum of between half a day and a day per month to get the job done.

Think how better you could spend that time. Your staff member could be talking to clients, chasing new work, marketing your business or organisation, or dealing with queries and complaints.

  1. You don’t have to take the time to analyse what is or what isn’t confidential, or what is or what isn’t protected information by legislation – Under our service your employees are freed from the need to take into consideration what is or what is not deemed as confidential or protected waste, simply place all waste documents into our secure consoles and everything is treated as secure.
  2. We provide lockable consoles and bags, so you don’t have to spend time organising how you will store your confidential waste– Many people don’t think about how they store their confidential waste before it’s shredded. There are often sensitive details in it, and it shouldn’t be left in open bags for anyone to rifle through, should it? This is especially important if the public has access to your premises. Our off site shredding service organises this for you. All you have to do is let us know when you’d like a collection.
  3. You don’t have to take the waste to be recycled or organise a pick-up– Either taking your waste to a recycling point or making phone calls to ensure your recycling is picked up takes even more time you could be using to grow your business or help your organisation run smoothly..
  4. If there’s a data breach further down the line, you have the paperwork to prove you did the right thing– You won’t have to find other ways to prove you acted responsibly. This is especially important in the wake of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). If there is a breach somewhere and your organisation or business is investigated, getting evidence together could cost you so much time and effort. Having a certificate of destruction and a formal system for dealing with your confidential waste will save you hours of worry and stress, too.

If you need our off site shredding service, or more advice on what’s right for you, call our expert team on 0333 360 1084 – or arrange a call back here.