Is a mobile shredding service perfect for accountants and bookkeepers?

Keeping records is all part of the service for bookkeepers and accountants like you, but could a mobile shredding service free up valuable space at your office?

As the world moves increasingly into the cloud with platforms such as QuickBooks and Xero, there are more and older files that no longer need to be retained in physical form after the statutory periods asked for by HMRC and Companies House.

However, they do contain confidential data that needs to be protected and a mobile shredding service will help you do that.

We understand that you may feel a little reluctant to let those records go on a lorry to a different site.

After all, the trust you have built up with your clients and your relationships with them is key to ensuring your business has a successful future.

And, of course, accountants and bookkeepers are cautious people! You have to be as you’re dealing with other people’s finances and businesses.

So, having a shredding service that comes to your site may well be the best answer for your business.


How does a mobile shredding service operate?

Mobile shredding is also called onsite shredding.

Our onsite shredding van comes to your site and we shred your confidential documents at your premises in front of you.

We don’t have to take them away to a secure shredding facility. Our machines have the capacity to shred documents into very small pieces so you have the peace of mind they will not be reassembled.

We issue you with a certificate of destruction there and then, so you have the audit trail you need to show you complied with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and dealt with your confidential data responsibly.


What are the advantages?

Your staff don’t have to slave over a shredder for hours, so they can concentrate on helping your clients and chasing new business.

Your business has proof that it did the right thing so you are unlikely to have to deal with a data breach or face a substantial fine under the GDPR rules. In the most serious breaches, the Information Commissioner can fine a business up to 4% of its worldwide annual turnover, or 20 million Euros, whichever is the higher.

You have control over the process because it takes place at your site. So, you know what’s happened to the documents because you can see it.


What should you look for?

Look for a business, just like we do at The Shred Centre, which:

  • Is fully compliant to BS EN15713:2009
  • Has all staff are security vetted to BS7858 standard
  • Has all vehicles are satellite GPRS tracked
  • Gives you a certificate of destruction immediately
  • Recycles all shredded paper
  • Gives you a recycling certificate confirming how much you have recycled


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