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Media Shredding Services

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Media Shredding

At The Shred Centre we shred more than just documents, our industrial shredding machine is capable of obliterating data in any of the forms we store it in today.

In our increasingly technologically driven world data is being stored in huge quantities on hard drives, disks, smart phones, SD cards etc.

As the pace of technological advancement continues our TV’s, Fridges, Cookers and other household appliances are all starting to store data about us, this data is personal and should be treated in the appropriate manner until its end of life.

When these items reach the end of their life they are often discarded without a thought from the owner about the volume of information stored on these units.

Information theft is an ever increasing problem and now that such vast amount of information can be stored on such small pieces of equipment it is essential that we are more diligent than ever about securely destroying that data.

We offer a secure shredding option for all forms of media, we can offer destruction and shredding options for any media you hold that contains information.

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