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Is personal data on your Android mobile phone at risk once you sell it?

How can you be sure you all information from your mobile phone is deleted ?

It’s not as easy as you think for Android users. Android is one of the most used operating systems in the world and there is a new android device being released into the market every other day. A recent security study conducted by a professor at Cambridge University reveals certain flaws in the factory reset feature on android phones.

secure mobile phone destruction Factory reset is the most popular way of wiping your phone clean especially when you are planning to sell it. The study revealed that this feature apparently doesn’t wipe out all the data on your phone and your data privacy is at risk. The paper points out that data protection is at risk with such a bug existing on an android device. Their current estimate almost 500 million devices out there do not completely sanitise the portion of the data partition that hold vital information like credentials and other important data.  One of the primary concern of the present day is data protection and with the surfacing of this new information, there could be a serious problem for vendors offering android phones..

There are a number of issues associated with this data privacy concern and both the old and new owners are affected in this scenario. The old owner is at risk because his personal information could be retained in the phone and the new users could have a malware installed in his system which will still remain even if they factory reset the phone. When asked about this study on data partition, the professor also revealed that he was able to retrieve the Google master cookie from most of the cell phones that he used for the study. This means that your goggle account details are at risk including your mail accounts. E-mails contain various vital  personal information which would then be available for access to a stranger.

To sum up, one sure fire way to avoid information from being passed on is secure mobile phone destruction. You never know who will use your phone once you sell it. Smartphone’s allow us to have access to e-mails and other important information on the go. So it’s always a possibility that information could get lodged in the memory areas of the phone that doesn’t get wiped during factory reset, so unless you can think of a better way, secure mobile phone destruction is your safest bet.

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