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Helping to protect YOUR identity – Home shredding in Darlington

Good afternoon,

Hope everyone had a great weekend and enjoyed bonfire night and the fireworks 🙂

Here at the Shred Centre, we had a very successful week, with lots of happy customers. In particular we provided a home shredding service in Darlington, to customers interested in protecting their personal identity and preventing ID Fraud by adopting a home shredding service from a reputable company.

Our home shredding clients were very impressed with the ease of the service. We provided a next day home shredding service to one customer. She was managing the estate of an elderly relative,  and wanted a reliable, secure, and timely service to dispose of all of the paperwork left behind. As always, we were happy to help and told her all about our home shredding service in Darlington. Once we assured her how secure and easy our home shredding process is, we scheduled in the collection and advised of an approximate time of arrival on the collection day. The collection went ahead and all materials were collected on our home shredding route and destroyed the same day at our secure shredding facility.

As per our commercial shredding services, our home shredding clients are issued with a contract copy, a waste transfer note, a destruction certificate and an invoice via email as standard, which ensures that all of our home shredding customers have a clear audit trail outlining their efforts in regards to the secure destruction of personal documents.

After the service was completed, our quality assurance team called our home shredding customer find our what they thought of our service.  Our customer was very happy and when we asked if they would recommend us to a friend we were told “I have been recommending your service to all of my neighbours. You saved me so much time,  I couldn’t imagine how long I would have been at home shredding all that paper work.”

Unlike most other shredding companies we are more than happy to help residential customers through our home shredding service and there is no amount of personal data too small for us. We care about reducing ID Fraud and protecting privacy.

How many of us have bills and junk mail come through the door, which end up in the recycling bin and is now collected every 2 weeks by most councils. This is not secure and puts you at risk of identity theft. Any document that contains personal information, should be treated as confidential waste. Even junk mail contains your full name, address and postcode. With a few more details, a fraudster will have everything they need to create a new identity from your personal information. We can eliminate this risk for you through our home shredding service. We can supply a confidential waste sack, which you can use to store your confidential documents at home. Once full, you can call us and request a secure collection and we collect your sack and take it away for shredding and secure destruction.

Our service is simple, good value for money and ensures you and your identity are protected at all times!

Enjoy the rest of the week,