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Data Privacy News – Does Facebook Policy Violates European Law

Facebook’s Privacy Policy violates European Law.

As a frequent Facebook user and information security professional, I am concerned about how my information from social media and all other data collected on me is being used, and who it is getting sold to. This recent article from The Guardian website states Facebook does not comply with EU law on private information and the sharing of individuals’ information.

Facebook do not make it clear for any normal user to find out how their information is being used and Considering that this has been a issue first raised in 2013, I find it disconcerting that Facebook has not worked harder on these issues to in order to fully comply with EU law.  Could their reluctance to make it easier to opt out be anything to do with their advertising revenue?

There is a opt out option, but it is difficult to find – we thought we would help by posting a step by step guide below so that you can choose to opt out;


Log into your Facebook profile from your Web browser and then go to settings then click on Ads and under Website and Mobile App Custom Audiences click on Opt out. The next page you’re taken to features an Opt Out button front and centre, simply click it and the Submit button in the resulting pop-up box.


Android users will need to search for the Google Settings app, tap on Ads, and check the
“Opt out of interest-based ads” option.


If you’re using a iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, launch the Settings app on your device. Then tap on Privacy, scroll down to Advertising and turn on Limit Ad Tracking.

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Once you’ve followed these steps for all of your devices, Facebook will not be able to target you using its new techniques, and although interest-based ads aren’t all that important to some, it’s nice to know that there are ways around what is seen as invasion of privacy by others.

For more on the main article, please follow the link.