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Customers adopt more than a shredding service in County Durham & Darlington – Data Protection Award

More than a shredding service for North East businesses

Last week we recognised the data protection efforts of a couple of our long term clients. My Property Box and Stuart Hall & Co both received Data protection Awards for their continued efforts to protect staff, customer and business data.

At The Shred Centre we cover the entire North East, shredding paper and all other data that needs secure destruction. These shredding services do not constitute all we do for our customers. We believe in achieving complete compliance and data security, and we can only do this in partnership with customers who encourage a culture of security.

My Property Box and Stuart Hall & Co are businesses who have shown willingness to promote this culture of security. Both businesses have in place an Information Destruction Policy, this policy is communicated to all staff and puts in writing their commitments. The policy covers all aspects of disposal of data, and outlines what is expected of staff in this area.

In addition to this policy both companies have, a clear contract of services in place outlining the specific details of their regular document shredding service collection arrangements.

For My Property Box we conduct a regular business shredding service in Darlington at their head office. All visits to their site are documented and all destruction is certified. The company has also had PC equipment taken away for destruction as and when the equipment is no longer needed. Hard Drive data has undergone secure wiping and then physical destruction. This commitment protects My Property Box’s landlords, tenants, staff and business information fully.

Business shredding

Stuart Hall & Co are an accountancy firm based in Bishop Auckland, they are serviced on our County Durham shredding service, which is part of our North East shredding round. As an accountancy practice Stuart Hall & Co handle business critical data for their clients, information which can literally make or break a company. The firm understands this and so makes a clear commitment to ensure that all of this data is securely destroyed on a regular basis. All paper waste is shredded at their Bishop Auckland office. This ensures complete security, and the team are all conscious of the secure nature of the information they handle. Alongside the regular Bishop Auckland paper shredding service, we have securely destroyed data on mobile phones, laptops and other equipment for the company.

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As data protection and destruction experts, we commend the efforts Stuart Hall & Co and My Property Box have taken in this area. Many of our customers have in place similar safeguards to ensure complete protection and compliance, we will be recognising these too in future weeks.

If you would like information on the importance of destroying data, or why you should be shredding your documents, please follow the link below, or give one me a call myself or any of the team would more than happy to help you with any enquiries.