Why should healthcare businesses choose onsite shredding?

Dentists, GP surgeries, therapists, masseurs, opticians, chiropractors, and podiatrists should be looking at how they are dealing with their confidential waste and considering onsite shredding.

Healthcare organisations and businesses like these deal with many highly sensitive documents such as patient records, staff records, letters to clients and patients, and staff contact details.

So, having an onsite shredding service where secure vans visit their sites and shred items in front of them, gives managers and owners in the healthcare sector peace of mind.


How does onsite shredding work?

Secure, GPRS-tracked vans visit your site and your sensitive documents are shredded in the van at your site by staff who have been vetted to the BS7858 standard.

You receive a certificate of destruction immediately, allowing you to ensure you have an audit trail proving you deal with your data responsibly.

That allows you to ensure your organisation is complying with the General Data Protection Regulation which gives strict protection to sensitive data such as medical information.

GDPR also protects personal information such as names, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, bank details, national insurance numbers, and IP addresses, and serious breaches can see organisations fined by up to 4% of their worldwide annual turnover or 20 million Euros.

Then the waste, which has been shredded into tiny pieces, is taken to a recycling facility where it is recycled and re-used – often creating other paper products.


What are the benefits?

  • Your confidential waste is handled securely and doesn’t leave your site until it is in a safe condition.
  • Your clients and their families know their data is being handled in the most responsible way and your organisation’s reputation is protected.
  • You comply with the strict data protection regulations in GDPR, meaning your organisation is less likely to fall foul of an Information Commissioner’s Office investigation and fine.
  • Your staff don’t have to slave over a hot shredder and can do other things – caring for patients or residents, growing your business, or providing better service in your organisation.
  • Recycling your paper also makes your business or organisation more sustainable. For every tonne of paper that is recycled, 17 trees are saved.
  • You set the schedule for visits from the shredding van. Onsite shredding can be one-off, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or quarterly. It depends on the needs of your business or organisation.


What should you look for in an online shredding business?

Look for a company like The Shred Centre which:

  • Gives you a flexible service tailored to your needs
  • Has good reviews and testimonials from clients
  • Has ISO accreditations for safety, quality, and the environment
  • Issues certificates of destruction and recycling certificates
  • Recycles all shredded paper
  • Has a proven track record of providing confidential waste shredding services


If you need our onsite shredding service, call our expert team on 0333 360 1084 – or arrange a call back here.

Product Destruction – Top 5 Reasons companies destroy products?

Production Destruction & Why Companies Do It

At The Shred Centre, we do more than shred documents. We have a stand alone product shredder that we use to destroy all manner of products for a wide variety of reasons. When we tell people about this the first question we are always asked is “Why do companies destroy products?”. We find people are often perplexed at the thought that a company chooses to pay for a secure product destruction service rather than automatically send products for re-use or resale.

Each individual company will have a different reason for wanting to undertake destruction of products, and we have devised a list below of the Top 5 Reasons that companies choose product shredding services with us.

Top 5 reasons to undertake product destruction:

Product destruction & brand protection

Products that don’t meet the quality standards can easily end up in the grey market and this can do major damage to your brand’s reputation. As the consumers attaining these products would automatically associate your brand with the mediocre products hence damaging your business and reputation.

Product destruction & limiting liability

When there are defective products that have not been properly destroyed that go out into the market they can easily expose the company to significant liability. As these products are either not meeting the government standards or your own, or both. This could do serious damage as it would give rise to product recalls or lawsuits being brought against the defective products.

Product destruction & propriety information

Some products contain technology which can store company, product and personal data which will require product destruction, so that leaking of propriety information or personal data can be prevented. It is important that this is done efficiently because in some cases there is highly sensitive information embedded in such drives chips which would do significant damage placed in the wrong handsgot their hands on it.

In these cases it is not just product destruction that is undertaken when products are shredded, but also secure disposal and destruction of the data contained within.                                                                                                                                                                  

Product destruction & security issues              

Some branded products such as uniform and ID cards and badges must be destroyed for security purposes. If obsolete branded work wear and old uniforms are not destroyed, there is a risk that they could be used to impersonate a representative of the brand or business. In some uniformed professions such as Policing, Healthcare & Security services improperly discarded uniform can have much more profound consequences that simply fraud or theft.

This is one of the main reasons why many companies and organizations shred uniforms and other branded products, equipment and workwear.

Product destruction & peace of mind

When you have your products destroyed by professional shredding company, who is certified and qualified to handle such destruction. You can be assured of total peace of mind. The risks of, financial, reputational and other associated losses is virtually eliminated. Meaning your business can focus on delivering to your customers without need to worry about protection.


If you have any questions at all about the product destruction services we offer, please do not hesitate to get in touch via the link below.

Book a product shredding service

secure confidential waste disposal

Secure Confidential Waste Disposal

Before a Data Security Breach, Know These Secure Confidential Waste Disposal Benefits as a Business

Secure confidential waste disposal, is it essential? Well this is common: In an office building, you find one form of entrance control or the other, such as burglar alarms, door lock, ID badges or swipe card, and most times there my advanced CCTV camera for surveillance and security guards. That’s cool and necessary! Isn’t it?

However, this is also common: Most companies or organizations don’t spend anywhere close as much money and time to ensure that data is discarded of securely when it’s ejected from the building. That isn’t cool! Is it?

Securing sensitive information from vulnerability and theft in this present digital world isn’t the same thing as putting a jaw-dropping lock on the file cabinet – not with the broad acceptance of cloud computing.

Even learning and taking every available precaution (the internet and the books have to offer) with identifying information, confidential documents, and online accounts, there are lots of ways that information can land into the possession of another company or individual, where it can potentially be made vulnerable to data leakage or data theft.

More so, leaving unshredded paper documents outside for collection by your (every day) dustbin men can be filched for corporate fraud, industrial espionage activities, or identity theft. Business plans, customer lists, R&D research, rotas and patrol times of security guards, and sales analysis will always remain of interest to journalists, thieves of different descriptions, and competitors.

Nevertheless, businesses in the UK are often warned not to take data protection with levity, especially when the economy is tumbling – this is when the security risks of a company traditionally spike.

If a company is unfortunate enough to experience a security breach, it could end up paying a potentially huge sum as fine. And the biggest loss comes in the form of irreversible, irreparable damage to the business’ reputation as was the case of Sony in 2013.

If you’ve forgotten the harsh lesson Sony taught the world on the importance of secure confidential waste disposal, we haven’t.

After Sony customer data leak, as stated by the breaching data protection law, they received a fine of £250,000. This is a glimpse of the fact that data protection breaches can be costly and deadly to any business’ financial life. The Sony case underscores why keeping data safe, secure, and confidential matters, and ultimately, the importance of secure confidential waste disposal.

Secure confidential waste disposal can be added as part of the waste management program of small and large business alike. It is preferable (most times) to in-house shredding because it’s often more secure and cost efficient while ensuring that data belonging to the organization or business, its customers, and its employees are kept safe.

Besides beefing up online security, it is likewise crucial that companies destroy every hard copy of confidential documents safely and securely. A confidential shredding service is a sure way to go to do this!

Three Important Areas of a Secure Confidential Waste Disposal Service

#1: Fast, Swift Destruction of Documents

A professional paper shredding service will ensure the timely disposal of your documents on a regular basis. There is a chance that relying on your team or employees to “get it done” could result in it “never happening.” Most of the time, there will be more urgent tasks begging to be done, which mean the company workers will probably leave document shredding for later. In situations such as this, you can’t afford to have sensitive documents lie around the office, as you risk the chance of misplacing them – and possibly getting into the possessions of competitors, thieves, and fraudsters.

#2: Secure Waste Disposal in a Secure Environment

The best, secure confidential waste disposal service won’t just destroy and dispose of your vital documents; they will do so in a safe environment – be it on-site within your business premises or in specially-equipped vehicles. If a shredding service says they are travelling far before they destroy them, stop them! You might suffer the outcome because there is a high probability that your documents will get missing or be intercepted.

#3: How best can you keep your data away from prying eyes if not via Trusted Operatives?

A top-priority goal of any business should be keeping sensitive info away from the view and territory of any person who has no business seeing (or reading) them. A competent service such as The Shred Centre will do a thorough background check on their staffs before employing and eventually training them. Much more importantly, no service will allow their workers see (or even read through) your documents before shredding them into tiny pieces. There’s no way you can be guaranteed the privacy and confidentiality of your documents better than this.

However, when you take an in-depth look, you will get to know that the biggest mistakes businesses make when it comes to safeguarding sensitive data are the shallow understanding of the residence of their sensitive data.

To better guarantee the safety of vital info, companies also need to educate their employees to understand how sensitive the data they work with and the role they need to play in keeping it safe. Essentially, this requires educating them about what and what not to do.

Securing sensitive data well requires doing the basics pretty well (such as tackling and blocking in football). Businesses should understand what the sensitive data is, create rules for handling it, execute technical control (for instance, working with a secure confidential waste disposal service) to ensure its proper handling, and train your users about their roles.

So, whenever it boils down to the sensitivity and confidentiality of potentially harmful data and document, leave no stone unturned. If you have a company or are a business in the United Kingdom, it will be worth your time finding out how The Shred Centre Disposal Services can help destroy and dispose of your confidential documents securely. Asides paper shredding, we also destroy data discs.

Sunderland shredding

Sun FM and The Shred Centre are delighted to document destruction announce partnership.

document destruction service sunderlanddocument destruction service sunderland

The deal will see The Shred Centre become the Stations official document destruction and recycling partner, providing a regular collection service from site for the destruction of all paper waste and annual collections of WEEE (waste electronics and electrical equipment) containing sensitive data.

The Shred Centre specialise in document destruction and confidential waste services for businesses and individuals across the region, they are an independent company with a fantastic reputation in the industry. All of the materials they collect are securely destroyed to European standards and recycled 100%. The company services of 200 businesses in the region and has a fantastic reputation.

Managing Director of The Shred Centre, Patrick Stephens, expressed his thoughts about working with the Station:sunderland document destruction

“It’s fantastic to be working in partnership with Sun FM. The station is clearly committed to improving its data security and also its environmental footprint. They are a very forward thinking team and great at engaging with and promoting local businesses such as ourselves. This partnership gives us a great opportunity to help express to the local community of the environmental benefits of our service in addition to the security benefits. All of us at The Shred Centre are looking forward to working in Partnership with Sun FM for many years to come”

sunderland document destruction companyLouise Black, Office Manager at Sun FM, says:

“We are very excited to announce our partnership with The Shred Centre, they have a fantastic reputation. At Sun FM we are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our operations and this partnership will ensure that all paper based material and WEEE (Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment) containing data will be securely destroyed recycled.”


Data protection legislation

Data Protection Legislation – Does the Law say I have to shred confidential waste?

What does the law say about shredding confidential waste?

Data protection legislation in its current form, officially came in to being On the 24th October 1995. The European Parliament brought in to being Directive 95/46/EC, commonly referred to as the Data Protection Directive.

UK Data Protection Legislation

As members of the European Union, the UK was obliged to implement this directive.  The Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA 1998) was a result of this implementation. The act came in to force initially on 1st March 2000, with some certain provisions implemented later in October 2007.

Now, if you think that these documents are incredibly tedious and boring read, you would be right, THEY ARE!

(You can read the data protection act in full here!)

unfortunately for me, as a professional in the field, data protection legislation is required reading.

This means that I can answer with confidence the question we get asked a lot: “Does the law say I have to shred confidential waste?”

The simple answer is, NO!

At no point do the words shredding or confidential waste appear in either piece of legislation. In fact there is no suggestion of what methods should be used to destroy personal data.

What the Data Protection Act 1998 does say in Principle 7 is:

Appropriate technical and organisational measures shall be taken against unauthorised or unlawful processing of personal data and against accidental loss or destruction of, or damage to, personal data.

For those handling personal data, the ability to demonstrate that technical and organisational measures are in place is key.

If a company suffers and reports a data breach it means it has already happened, therefore action is almost always retrospectively enforced and historic processes and measures reviewed to establish compliance.

If it cannot be shown there is a documented, clear and appropriate system in place, then fines of up to £500,000 could be applied.

Outsourcing the destruction of information baring media to a confidential waste destruction company, ensure that businesses will be able to provide clear evidence of the measures in place at operational and managerial level.

Documents that all good confidential waste destruction companies should provide their customers if they want to ensure the most robust service is in place and being adhered to at all levels include as a minimum but are not limited too:

  • Written information destruction policy
  • Contract outlining service dates
  • Annual collection records to detail activity
  • Destruction certificates for all shredding services
  • Non-disclosure agreements signed by service drivers handling waste
  • Annual destruction facility report (if off-site shredding undertaken)
  • Confirmation of staff DBS checking & vetting proceduresdata protection legislation

In Summary:

  • The UK data protection legislation does not specifically mention that shredding is required in order to satisfy statutory obligations.
  • The law does require businesses to ensure that the have appropriate measures in place to ensure that personal data is protected.
  • If a company is found guilty of a data breach, then large fines can be handed out to businesses that do not have evidence of control measure in place.

The ICO’s website has a fantastic easy(ish) to read  guide to the data protection act, which is worth looking at to further understand your obligations.

shredding, why shredding companies shred

The Real Reason companies choose to adopt a shredding service.

Why do companies have a shredding service?

As a secure shredding company, this is a question we are often asked, and for a long time the answer was to me was quite straight-forward;

“There are many reasons that a company adopts secure shredding as an out-sourced service, which include but are not limited to improvements in profitability, to increase staff productivity, for reasons of compliance and for environmental reasons.”

This answer was has been generally supported when we have asked our customers, why do you have a shredding service?

The answers that come back all though often not worded the same could generally be placed in to one of the three categories above.

However we have recently taken a deeper look into the research we have undertaken with our customers, and realised that there is one single unifying reason that all of our customers have adopted our shredding service.

That reason, is respect.

In examining the responses we received, we could see that all of the responses citied that protecting data was the reason that they chose to adopt a service.

Obvious you may think, however what we found interesting was that these conscientious businesses over and over again stated they wanted to protect their customers’ data and their staff’s data.

Protecting their own business data was mentioned by a couple of companies too, as an aside, but the focus on protecting others’ information was a constant.

To sum it up the reason we exists as a shredding company, and are allowed to protect our customers, is because our customers respect their customers enough to ensure their data is secure.

Check out our MD Patrick talking about this.

Shredding in Harrogate

What we have been up to today – Shredding in Harrogate

Our Harrogate shredding service.

Today the Shred Centre have been out and about Shredding in Harrogate. We provide on site shredding in harrogate and offsite shredding in harrogate.

Our offsite vehicle was out today on its harrogate shredding rounds. Some highlights of the Harrogate shredding are below.

  • Regular shredding service in Harrogate

One of our regular customers had a massive clear out and called us in for a one off off-site shredding service. We came out to the site, collected all 150 sacks and took it away on a secure vehicle. All materials were destroyed the same day at our secure facility. Another successful trip with a happy customer for shredding in Harrogate.

  • Residential Shredding in Harrogate

As well as providing our offsite shredding services in Harrogate, to our contracted customers, we are always happy to help and provide our on site shredding service in Harrogate to our residential customers. We offer them a one off service, with no contracts in place. Today we are visiting a customer who is disabled and therefore unable to get to the sacks and boxes. There was a large number of sacks and boxes that needed to be shredded. The customer wanted to see the waste being shredded on site for peace of mind. We were happy to help out. Another successful customer for Harrogate shredding.

Offering our services for shredding in the Harrogate area has proved successful, with the demand for shredding in Harrogate being high.

If you would like more information on our shredding services, you can call us on 01325 300003 or email leigh@theshredcentre.com

Have a great bank holiday weekend everyone!

shredding, sunderland shredding, paper shredder

Shredding in Sunderland – For Home and Business

Offsite shredding in Sunderland – Yesterday 12 / 8 / 15.

Just a quick update as to what we were up to yesterday,

We started Shredding in sunderland at 7:00am yesterday, with our route full of businesses needing shredding in Sunderland area. We collected waste from 3 of contracted clients who are serviced on a 4 weekly basis in the Sunderland and 8 customers who required our one off off site shredding in Sunderland service

At our first stop we collect the waste from an office location, this customer stores waste in a secure, lockable console which we provide contracted clients with as part of our service. Once confidential waste is deposited in these containers, it is only accessible by our vetted operatives. This means that our customers have compete peace of mind, once the confidential waste is deposited it is totally secure whilst awaiting destruction. Once the waste is collected from the consoles, it is then put on our secure off site shredding vehicle, and stored in an approved secure UN container for transport.

Once all of our Sunderland business shredding customers in were serviced, we moved on to the two residential customers we had, who need a one off clearance which was delivered by as part of our home shredding in Sunderland service. Again, the bags and boxes are put into a secure container for transport in our secure vehicle prior to its shredding and destruction in our local shredding facility.

All our regular and one off clients will receive their destruction certificates to document their waste as being destroyed securely, helping to demonstrate that appropriate measures have been taken.

All in all a successful day with our customers happy! If you need information on off site shredding in the Sunderland area, whether it’s for a one off collection or regular shredding service, give us a call and the office team will be more than happy to help!

Contact us if you are a business here or for a home shredding service click here.

Have great day!

Shredding in sunderland, shredding in newcastle

shredding in newcastle, newcastle shredding

On site Shredding in Newcastle – What we are Shredding today 10/8/2015

On site Shredding in Newcastle – What we are Shredding today 10/8/2015

Happy Monday,

Today is a busy day for us at The Shred Centre, we have a number of customers booked in for on site shredding in Newcastle upon Tyne. We started the morning with at 7:30am , our on site shredding vehicle was required on site early to conduct a clearance of 150 archive boxes of confidential waste. All materials were collected at shredded on-site at the customer’s storage facility.

The next stop for our Newcastle upon Tyne on site shredding route, is for a customer who has a regular on-site shredding service for confidential waste in the city centre. We are due to conduct a floor walk and service 5 secure shredding consoles, replacing the internal sacks before taking the sensitive material to our on site shredding vehicle to destroy the waste in situ. Our customer likes to witness their confidential waste being destroyed in person and so our on site shredding service is perfect for them.

This afternoon we will be stopping at two local business parks, firstly we will be shredding on site at Quorum Business Park followed the on-site shredding vehicle heading to Team Valley shredding at on-site for 3 customers.

Its going to be a busy day, a great start to the week.

If you would like more detail about on site shredding follow the linked text, alternatively contact us today to discuss on site shredding for business.

Have a great week