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Shredding info – What is EN15713 ?

BS EN 15713; What is it?

As a company we work in line with this accreditation so we thought we would take a second to let you know what it actually means.

The BS EN 15713:2009 standard provides a framework of key conditions to be adhered to by companies who destroy confidential information on behalf of their customers; the security of this information being integral to this.

The system includes a number of conditions such as specific sizes to shred to, and how the destruction is monitored and controlled, as well as the following core aspects:

  • Security screening of personnel
  • Premises Security
  • How sensitive information is collected, retained and transferred
  • Security measures during destruction of materials
  • Management and control of confidential material destruction
  • Traceability of the destruction process

These elements mean that when we collect, transport, destroy and provide reports about the confidential information we destroy for our customers. customers can be assured that shredding is carried out in the most secure manner possible.

Our business is built around security and compliance and we ensure complete peace of mind.


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Our County Durham Shredding Service Net Promoter Score

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Shredding North East – Last Week

Another week shredding North East businesses’ most important information

Last week was a busy one for us at The Shred Centre, and saw us shredding north east businesses data. We visited pretty much every corner of the north east  shredding paper, shredding hard drives and shredding uniforms! Below you’ll find a brief taste of where and what we we shredding across the north east last week.

Newcastle City Centre Shredding

Shredding in Newcastle upon tyneNewcastle has some fantastic old buildings, we were lucky enough to be servicing a client who is a tenant in a beautiful Victorian building. We did not anticipate that the boxes that this customer wanted shredding would be up 4 flights of stairs. It was hard work bringing all 40 boxes down but our Newcastle On-site shredding team, were as efficient as ever and ensured the job was done. The customer was very happy and even called the office to say thank you to our team who made the whole process so simple, from point of order to serive delivery. If you need help with shredding in Newcastle City Centre, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Hard drive shredding in Sunderland

shredding hard drivesWe are in Sunderland shredding so regularly it is almost our second home, last week we shredded all ton’s of paper waste for businesses and residents alike. We also committed to shredding hard drives in Sunderland, for a customer who has a regular paper shredding service at their Sunderland office. In fact we shredded 20 drives which were no longer needed after a IT upgrade, as they work in the care sector they wanted complete security and peace of mind that the data was destroyed, we took them to our facility to witness the hard drive shredding take place.

Uniform Shredding in Hartlepool – why would you shred textiles then?

Uniform shredding, textile shreddingUniform and textile shredding often raises eyebrows when we mention we do this, often we are asked – who would shred textiles, why would they not give them to a charity shop? We asked this question when we were chatting with a new Hartlepool shredding customer that called in last week. Their reason for wanting a secure textile shredding service was to ensure that their uniforms were not used to gain access to any of the unit that they provide man guarding too. They wanted to make sure that their brand and their customers were protected, and so they wanted to securely shred their old uniforms. This was a great answer to a question we are asked a lot!

Shredding Durham City and shredding County Durham

We provided two off-site shredding services for a waste broker who utilise our shredding service for their customers, they had been let down previously by a national shredding company changing their agreement as it suited and issuing different prices for shredding in Durham City and shredding in County Durham. As a local Durham shredding company, we know the area and the region well and so don’t vary our service costs based purely on location. We carried out shredding in the centre of Durham City and also shredding in County Durham (Darlington – Lingfield Point) on the same day at the same price. The broker told us its great to work with local companies like us.

Commercial Shredding in Middlesbrough

Last week we were able to add another regular shredding collection in Middlesbrough to our north east shredding routes, we no proudly service the offices of a Middlesbrough based recruitment company every 4 weeks. They have committed to work with us to develop a information destruction policy and a secure media destruction service over the coming months, and we hope to beable to issue them with a Data Protection award once we have bedded in their system.

north east shredding

So as you can see its been a busy week for us protecting North East businesses, and we hope to be protecting and shredding more businesses this week.

Thanks for catching up with us, have a great week

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North East Shredding in Sunderland Last Week

North East Shredding in Sunderland

Sunderland ShreddingLast week we ran vehicles across the North East shredding our customers confidential waste, during blistering sun, vicious storms and even hailstones!

It was the hottest day of the year and our Sunderland shredding collections were undertaken in glorious weather for a time! Below is a quick outline of some of the services we provided for those in need of confidential waste collections in Sunderland.

Sunderland paper shredding

For a busy high street estate agent we collected old customer files, credit agreement forms and old sales literature. This was delivered as a one off shredding service for the Sunderland based business. They were very happy with the fact the could deposit lever arch files, plastic wallets, staples, pins and all other associated paper material into our secure sacks as it saved them so much time.

Regular commercial shredding in Sunderland

We also visited a customer we shred confidential waste for on a regular basis, this busy legal practice has a regular shredding visit delivered on our North East Shredding round. Thankfully the office was fully air conditions, and our secure console was being used as a cake stand. So our information protection operative was treated to a slice of angel cake.

Archive shredding in Sunderlandroker lighthouse

We were busy on Sunderland enterprise park too last week, we moved 200 boxes from storage for a manufacturing customer based on the busy business park. These boxes were loaded straight on to our secure vehicle by a two man team and destroyed within 1 hour of collection. The customer received all documentation as soon as destruction was undertaken.

On-site shredding Sunderland

We also had the On-site mobile shredding vehicle out in Sunderland last week. We shredded an incredible 3 tonne of paper material at a site on Doxford International Business Park. The customer was having a clear-out of old files, once they started 70 boxes and bags soon turned into 245! We were happy to help.

If you need any information on shredding in Sunderland, or have any queries about information security or Data Protection obligations. Please do not hesitate to contact us today.

Also if you need a quotation for a Sunderland shredding service, please give us a call today. We are in Sunderland shredding every week and we would love to help.

Have a great week,


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Customers adopt more than a shredding service in County Durham & Darlington – Data Protection Award

More than a shredding service for North East businesses

Last week we recognised the data protection efforts of a couple of our long term clients. My Property Box and Stuart Hall & Co both received Data protection Awards for their continued efforts to protect staff, customer and business data.

At The Shred Centre we cover the entire North East, shredding paper and all other data that needs secure destruction. These shredding services do not constitute all we do for our customers. We believe in achieving complete compliance and data security, and we can only do this in partnership with customers who encourage a culture of security.

My Property Box and Stuart Hall & Co are businesses who have shown willingness to promote this culture of security. Both businesses have in place an Information Destruction Policy, this policy is communicated to all staff and puts in writing their commitments. The policy covers all aspects of disposal of data, and outlines what is expected of staff in this area.

In addition to this policy both companies have, a clear contract of services in place outlining the specific details of their regular document shredding service collection arrangements.

For My Property Box we conduct a regular business shredding service in Darlington at their head office. All visits to their site are documented and all destruction is certified. The company has also had PC equipment taken away for destruction as and when the equipment is no longer needed. Hard Drive data has undergone secure wiping and then physical destruction. This commitment protects My Property Box’s landlords, tenants, staff and business information fully.

Business shredding

Stuart Hall & Co are an accountancy firm based in Bishop Auckland, they are serviced on our County Durham shredding service, which is part of our North East shredding round. As an accountancy practice Stuart Hall & Co handle business critical data for their clients, information which can literally make or break a company. The firm understands this and so makes a clear commitment to ensure that all of this data is securely destroyed on a regular basis. All paper waste is shredded at their Bishop Auckland office. This ensures complete security, and the team are all conscious of the secure nature of the information they handle. Alongside the regular Bishop Auckland paper shredding service, we have securely destroyed data on mobile phones, laptops and other equipment for the company.

north east shredding service

As data protection and destruction experts, we commend the efforts Stuart Hall & Co and My Property Box have taken in this area. Many of our customers have in place similar safeguards to ensure complete protection and compliance, we will be recognising these too in future weeks.

If you would like information on the importance of destroying data, or why you should be shredding your documents, please follow the link below, or give one me a call myself or any of the team would more than happy to help you with any enquiries.


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Is personal data on your Android mobile phone at risk once you sell it?

How can you be sure you all information from your mobile phone is deleted ?

It’s not as easy as you think for Android users. Android is one of the most used operating systems in the world and there is a new android device being released into the market every other day. A recent security study conducted by a professor at Cambridge University reveals certain flaws in the factory reset feature on android phones.

secure mobile phone destruction Factory reset is the most popular way of wiping your phone clean especially when you are planning to sell it. The study revealed that this feature apparently doesn’t wipe out all the data on your phone and your data privacy is at risk. The paper points out that data protection is at risk with such a bug existing on an android device. Their current estimate almost 500 million devices out there do not completely sanitise the portion of the data partition that hold vital information like credentials and other important data.  One of the primary concern of the present day is data protection and with the surfacing of this new information, there could be a serious problem for vendors offering android phones..

There are a number of issues associated with this data privacy concern and both the old and new owners are affected in this scenario. The old owner is at risk because his personal information could be retained in the phone and the new users could have a malware installed in his system which will still remain even if they factory reset the phone. When asked about this study on data partition, the professor also revealed that he was able to retrieve the Google master cookie from most of the cell phones that he used for the study. This means that your goggle account details are at risk including your mail accounts. E-mails contain various vital  personal information which would then be available for access to a stranger.

To sum up, one sure fire way to avoid information from being passed on is secure mobile phone destruction. You never know who will use your phone once you sell it. Smartphone’s allow us to have access to e-mails and other important information on the go. So it’s always a possibility that information could get lodged in the memory areas of the phone that doesn’t get wiped during factory reset, so unless you can think of a better way, secure mobile phone destruction is your safest bet.

Contact us today to find out more about our secure mobile phone destruction service, or indeed any of our other shredding services.

Have a greaPatrick-Stephens-1024x816t day, and stay secure.


To see a full copy of the white paper please follow this link:

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How will EU Data Protection Regulation Changes affect business

How Will changes in EU Data Protection Regulation affect your business

shredding services north eastInformation has recently released an article on impending EU Data Protection Regulations, with a warning that most businesses are not prepared for the changes.

With proposed powers of the Data Protection Officers across Europe being strengthened and limit of fines increased massively, I thought I would write a blog to give some general information about the proposed changes and how they will affect business.

Brief outline of the data protection act of 1998

The data protection act of 1998 is there to control how an individual’s personal information is used by businesses, organizations and the government.
There are strict rules in place that everyone responsible for using data has to follow, these are called ‘data protection principles’. This means that they must make sure the information is:

  • Used fairly and lawfully.
  • Used for limited and specific stated protection
  • Used in a way that is adequate, relevant and not excessive.
  • The information is accurate.
  • The information is kept no longer than is necessary.
  • Kept safe and secure.
  • Not to be used outside of the UK without adequate protection.

The European Reforms of Data Protection Legislation


The proposed reforms to the data protection regulation have been a long time in the making, at a summit in October 2013 the European council adopted the legislation.
Several important issues are yet to be resolved, however the EU has stated it is their aim to achieve agreement and implement the reforms before the end of 2015.

timthumbThe main changes of the reforms are as follows:

  • Data protection regulations could impose fines of up to 5% of annual worldwide turnover or EUR 100 million for certain breaches.
  • The data subject’s consent must be stated clearly and proven to be valid.
  • Data required by a third country court or administrative authority will be forbidden without certain approvals.

These changes offer improved security for data subjects, and give the data protection authorities more power to impose fines which will hopefully encourage businesses to take more care with individuals’ private information.

Who will European Data reforms this impact?

It will impact any organization that gathers, stores and processes information on individuals whether it relates to their personal, professional or social lives.

This could be anything from a name, photos, bank details, and posts on social media website, medical information or even the IP address of a computer. Employee data may be exempt as this would fall under the individual laws of the country as this is still to be determined.
Any company that runs within the EU, does business with organizations in the EU or stores data in any of the member countries of the EU will be effected by the new regulations.

How EU data protection reforms affect businesses

The new regulations have been designed to address how data is used and stored in the modern world. It will tackle data protection in areas such as social media websites and using the cloud system, this should enable people to transfer files securely and also give people the right to be forgotten.
The responsibility for compliance and penalties for non-compliance will continue rest with individual organizations whether they use an IT partner or not, grey areas will be removed.

communicationSince the data protection act 1998 people are communicating in different ways and the legislative changes will take the current trends in to account. 250 million people within the EU currently use the internet daily and it is become more popular for people to store information on the cloud system rather than on their personal computers.

The aim of the reforms is to help individuals become more confident when sharing their personal data, especially on line. The new rules will promote trust between individuals and businesses and will allow people to use new technologies with more confidence. The new clear and robust rules will give businesses more clarity as to their obligations so that they can be sure they are acting responsibly when it comes to handling personal data.

Most of us are naive when it comes to passing our personal data to businesses and advertisers, particularly on-line. Even when we do consent to the processing of the data, many of us don’t understand what implications there may be. In a world that’s getting faster many people scan over T&C’s when it comes to accepting how their data is processed, these reforms place a greater obligation for businesses to explain clearly just how they will be using this information – or risk fines.

As consumers though we must remember we have an obligation to ensure that we are doing what we can to protect our own information too, we should all be a little more mindful of where our information is being passed to.
Leigh Bowes




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What have we been up to – Shredding Newcastle and Shredding Gateshead!

Shredding Newcastle and Shredding Gateshead!

This week we have been busy protecting customers in Newcastle and Gateshead Shredding the confidential information they have produced.

The variety of the shredding services in Newcastle and Gateshead that we have undertaken this week has been  exciting (at least for us) and so we thought we would share some details.

So far this week we have provided the following secure destruction services in Newcastle and Gateshead:

  • Regular shredding collection in Newcastle City Centre

    • Our team provided an off-site shredding service for a Newcastle City Centre accountancy practice, we provide a regular monthly shredding service for this particular customer.
  •  One off bulk destruction of boxes via shredding on Team Valley, Gateshead

    • We had a call last week from an engineering company on team valley who wanted a purge of their archive store, we booked them in for a collection on Tuesday of this week and provided a shredding service for 300 boxes of confidential paper work. We shredded old accounts, receipts, payroll files, HR files and customer orders for them. Collection and destruction took 2 hours!
  • Product destruction service in Newcastle

    • Another of our customers this week have needed to have their prototype product destroyed after an unsuccessful testing process, this engineering company contracted us to ensure complete security and piece of mind. We destroyed the prototype in Gateshead and invited the customer to witness the destruction at The Shred Centre.
  • Residential shredding service in Gateshead

    • We provided a same day shredding service to a customer in Gateshead who’s mother had passed away recently, their were a large number of boxes of old paper work that required destruction to ensure that the deceased’s information was not stolen. ID theft of the deceased is common practice for fraudsters and can lead to extended heartache – we were more than happy to help.
  • Regular shredding service in Gateshead

    • We serviced one of our regular customers on Wednesday in Gateshead, they have in place 5 of our secure shredding consoles and treat all paperwork generated on site as confidential. The service conducted involves us visiting each secure shredding consoles on each of the three floors and removing the confidential waste. On this occassion we also picked up 27 hard disk drives which will be wiped and undergo hard disk shredding in Gateshead too,

Safe to say its been an eventful week and we look forward to providing more information security to our customers next week.

If you need a shredding service in Newcastle or Gateshead, let us know today and we will be with you next week!

Have a great day


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Chocolate Tuesday….winner revealed here!

Good morning,

This week we want to say well done to a company for whom we provide regular shredding services in Hartlepool, they have won our chocolate Tuesday prize draw for May.

The winner of draw for May is…


Your chocolates will be delivered on your next service. Enjoy 🙂

Have a great week everybody and if you are interested in a regular shredding service in Hartlepool, please click the link below.


Regular Shredding Service in Hartlepoolregular shredding service in hartlepool

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Thermacore Europe Ltd

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My Property Box

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Leigh’s Journey into Shredding

Leigh’s Journey into Shredding & Data Protection.

shredding services north eastHaving left the army, I was looking for a new adventure and a new career path. I was lucky enough to come across The Shred Centre, who were at the time recruiting. Having no knowledge of the shredding industry, I took it upon myself to do some research and see what the company was all about. I was successful in the interview, and offered a 12 month apprenticeship in Level 3 Business and Administration. This was all new to me, as I was used to getting up at 4am in the morning for a PT session, a 8 mile tab run and then my daily job was to be a soldier and undergo training every day. Coming into an environment where it is relaxed but very professional was very different to what I was used to. I was lucky enough to have Natalie on board, who has over 9 years experience in the industry, so I knew I was in good hands and had the right person to learn from and help me when I needed it. Patrick and Natalie have been kind enough to put me on additional courses to further my knowledge and understanding of the shredding industry as well as improving my customer service and team leading skills. I’ve also taken part in social media workshops and help Natalie manage the business Facebook, Twitter and Linked In pages. I am also looking forward to attending the North East Cyber Crime Conference in April as not only will I be learning, I will also be representing The Shred Centre. Within 6 months of working for the Shred Centre, my knowledge of the importance of Data protection increased and I became confident in the company and sharing my own knowledge to new customers. Nearly a year on, my apprenticeship nearing an end, I am very pleased to say that The Shred Centre value me as an important member of the team and have offered me a permanent position once I complete my apprenticeship. Below, in my own words and from knowledge I have gained so far, I would like to tell you about the importance of data protection, secure shredding and using a reliable, secure company like The Shred Centre.

It is vital to have a secure data destruction process in place to protect all of your important day to day information, whether its hard copy paper files, electronic digital documents  or any other hardware or software. It is also important to protect your brand, destroying old uniforms to prevent them getting into the wrong hands. Increasingly stringent data protection legislation means companies face heavy penalties, should they not comply with confidential records management and data destruction requirements. Stories of identity theft and fraud are all too common  and it is easy to become victim to this. The only secure and approved way to protect yourself against such adversity is prevention, through an approved secure document destruction method such secure shredding with a secure company that you can trust. So you ask yourself, ‘why us? Why use The Shred Centre?’  Well, In terms of security and peace of mind, our secure shredding services are delivered in line with EN15713, the European standard for information destruction. This means you can be sure that your confidential waste is kept secure throughout the chain of custody and will be destroyed appropriately, satisfying the reasonable measures requirement under principle 7 of the data protection act.

My Journey so far with the shred Centre has taught me a lot, and most of all, I have enjoyed every minute of it!

If you have any questions, or would like to discuss our secure shredding services, please don’t hesitate to call us on 01388 448160.  We are a friendly bunch and will be happy to answer any questions.

Have a lovely week!

Leigh x