Why should my business use product destruction?

product destruction

There’s so much to think about when you run a business…so you may be forgiven for not thinking about how product destruction could help you.

However, it’s worth spending a few minutes looking at our guide to the subject because it could save you from a costly legal claim or the loss of your business secrets.

In fact, product destruction could help ensure your business grows and flourishes. Here’s why…


What are the 6 top reasons to use product destruction?


  1. To remove faulty goods from circulation

Faulty products could cause your business major problems.

If they don’t work, you could be faced with angry customers who want their money back.

If they are dangerous, you could be faced with costly compensation claims for any injuries or damage to private property they cause.

Removing them from circulation is so important. Product destruction is the safest way to protect your business from this threat.


  1. To destroy old prototypes and product samples

Product development can be a secretive business. Before patents and trademarks are applied for, it’s vital to keep your prototypes and early product samples under your hat.

Shredding them is the best way to ensure they don’t fall into the wrong hands and undermine your intellectual property.


  1. To shred old branded materials

If you’re rebranding, you’ll want to ensure your new brand is out there – not your old branded materials such as flyers, brochures, catalogues, business cards, banners, headed notepaper, and promotional products with old logos and branding on them.

Don’t undermine your new brand image by allowing your old branding to leak out into the public domain.


  1. To destroy counterfeit products

If someone is selling fake versions of your products, such as fake clothing or accessories, shredding them will help preserve the authenticity and integrity of your business and your brand.

In some cases, these counterfeits might not be made from safe materials. So, getting them out of circulation makes it less likely that any problems they cause will be wrongly attributed to your business.


  1. To shred old uniforms and ID cards

Thieves and fraudsters may want to pose as a member of your staff or access your building with old uniforms and ID cards.

Shredding them helps to preserve your site’s security and stops criminals trying to steal from your staff and customers.

This is hugely important for businesses such as retailers, hotels, restaurants, utility companies, and care homes.


  1. To destroy material containing out-of-date offers

Old coupons, flyers with offers, and old catalogues with the wrong prices can all undermine your business. Shred them to ensure they don’t cause you problems in future.


What should you look for from a secure shredding business?

Look for a company Like The Shred Centre which:

  • Has ISO accreditations for safety, quality, and the environment
  • Offers secure shredding at a CCTV-monitored facility
  • Issues certificates of destruction
  • Gives you a flexible service tailored to your needs
  • Has good reviews and testimonials from clients


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