Thinking about regular shredding services? Here’s how they will help your business…

regular shredding services

There are several advantages to having regular shredding services for your business, whether that’s daily, weekly, monthly, or every quarter.

Keeping your site clear of old paperwork, hard drives, and media is important in meeting health and safety regulations. It also frees up valuable space.

Regular shredding services also help you comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), ensuring the confidential data held about customers, staff, and suppliers does not fall into the wrong hands.

Your staff doesn’t have to stand over a hot shredder and are freed up to work elsewhere in the business, and certificates of destruction give you an audit trail to prove you handle your confidential waste responsibly.


Which businesses and organisations would benefit from regular shredding services?


Financial services businesses – Including accountants, bookkeepers, financial advisers, debt collectors, credit control businesses, and insurance businesses. All produce regular documentation for clients and hold confidential data about them on hard drives. They also need to ensure their confidential and sensitive data is handled in accordance with FCA rules and GDPR.


Legal practices – Law firms hold a great deal of confidential information about their clients and understand the need to ensure they comply with regulations such as GDPR. Having a regular, secure shredding service for documentation, old hard drives, and removable media takes the stress out of the situation and ensures everything stays within the law.


Busy offices and call centres – If your business produces a lot of paperwork, you’ll need to ensure the out-of-date documents are shredded regularly to keep on top of the paper waste and maintain your data protection practices. If your business deals with hundreds of laptops and smartphones which could also contain data, regular hard drive shredding for old models will also help you comply with GDPR.


Printers – The sheer volume of printing waste such as spoiled papers, copies with incorrect registration, and paper off-cuts inspires most printers to ensure they have a regular shredding service so they maintain their responsibilities to the environment and recycling and comply with GDPR.


Hotels and restaurants – From old copies of customer receipts and customer correspondence to supplier bills, hospitality businesses hold a lot of information on their systems and produce a great deal of documentation which contains confidential data such as names, addresses, phone numbers, and banking details.


Healthcare companies – Care providers, dentists, chiropractors, therapists, and opticians are just some of the healthcare businesses which would benefit from regular shredding. They deal with medical records, staff records, and correspondence.


Schools and colleges – With hundreds or thousands of pupils or students, every school or college has a mountain of old files, copies of letters to parents, and old staff records. All must be handled within the rules of GDPR, so regular secure shredding services are ideal for ensuring schools and colleges maintain their duty of care for confidential data.


Public bodies – Such as local councils, health trusts, and government departments. These organisations produce thousands of documents every day across the UK and regularly update computers, so keeping on top of old correspondence and files is vital.


What should you look for in a shredding business?

Look for a company Like The Shred Centre which:

  • Gives you a flexible service tailored to your needs
  • Has good reviews and testimonials from clients
  • Has ISO accreditations for safety, quality, and the environment
  • Offers secure shredding at a CCTV-monitored facility
  • Issues certificates of destruction


If you need our regular shredding services, call our expert team on 0333 360 1084 – or arrange a call back here.

Why Residential Shredding has become more important

Residential shredding is becoming more and more popular these days.

It can often seem like our homes are drowning in a sea of old paper, but simply throwing out items can lead to identity thieves getting the information they need to steal our identities or access our computer systems.

Most of us don’t fancy slaving over a hot shredder when we’re having a clear-out, so more and more people are turning to residential shredding companies such as The Shred Centre.

They offer a value-for-money service which frees us up to enjoy family life.


Which documents should be dealt with by residential shredding?


Bank statements and letters – These contain bank numbers and sort codes, information about the amount of money going through your account and may contain your key information to help you access the account. They may also contain information about accounts you’ve paid money into, including those of family and friends.


Credit card statements and old credit or bank cards – Keep your financial information secure by shredding these.


Utility bills containing your name and address – This is a key piece of information used to prove someone’s identity, so don’t leave them hanging around for identity thieves to steal.


Old ID cards, passports, or driving licenses – Identity thieves love these documents and can use them to cause havoc in your life.


Old bills from garages or builders – Which will contain banking information. Your tradespeople won’t thank you for letting them fall into the wrong hands.


Post It notes containing passwords or other confidential information – Hackers often start looking for information in the physical world. Your PCs and laptops won’t be secure for very long if this sort of information is thrown into the normal recycling.


Letters from doctors and dentists – No one wants their medical information to become public knowledge, so shredding these is vital.


Your diary – This single document would give an identity thief so much information about you – your daily habits, where you go regularly, and the names and addresses of friends and family which are often contained in the back. It’s also often tempting to write PIN numbers or passwords in our diaries, isn’t it?


Old hard drives – Think of the information contained on your old laptop or PC’s hard drive. Simply deleting it won’t wipe it completely and clever hackers will be able to retrieve it. The best way to ensure it remains secure is to shred the hard drive.


Do you work from home?

The lines between home and work have also become far more blurred than they used to be.

Many of us work from home on a regular basis or run a home-based business, so there are old documents like invoices, bills, and business plans which will need to be dealt with securely.

Under the General Data Protection Regulation which came into force in 2018, businesses have a duty to protect such confidential information.

So, either your business or that of your employer could be liable to a hefty fine if there is a data breach caused by information being lost from insecure confidential waste.


How do you choose the right residential shredding company?

Look for a company which will collect even a small amount of confidential waste for shredding, like The Shred Centre, rather than expecting you to wait until you have a large amount.

Examine their accreditations for quality of service, safety of your information, and care for the environment.

Then, take a look at their testimonials and see what other customers say about them.


If you need our residential shredding service, call our expert team on 0333 360 1084 – or arrange a call back here.

The Shred Centre – Shredded Week – 22nd July 2019


The weekends are over too quickly. However, what a great start to our working week with our drivers straight out the depot at 6 am this morning and our warehouse staff clearing the warehouse ready for the drivers returning. Our office manager Katie is on her jollies this week sunning it up in France but we have Leigh holding the fort for us! We hope you have a great time Katie, keep your sun though, as it has been a scorcher here in England! That’s it for our Monday, we will leave you with an inspiring quote…

Monday Quote:

‘Do something today that your future self will thank you for’


Wow, what a warm day it has been, our drivers most certainly wishing the cold weather back! But, still 100% effort all round! Thank you drivers, and also a big thank you to our warehouse staff who have definitely felt the heat in the warehouse! Troopers,  all of them!


Still loving the warm weather, doesn’t it put a  smile on everyone’s face? We have had some great feedback from our customers for services we carried out last wee. It is always nice to hear from a customer that they loved the service and that they will recommend us. That’s what it is all about for us here at The Shred Centre!


All systems go today and it is the hottest day of the year! Wow, it was a hot one!  We had all our drivers out the depot by 6 am! Ensuring they can reach every customer, keeping everyone happy! Great effort from our warehouse staff too as it felt like an oven in the depot, yet they kept pushing on and got 60 bales out to Prudhoe! Impressive! 24 tonne of paper being 100 % recycled into loo roll! It was also a very early start for Leigh, who headed out the door at 6:30 am to network with other like-minded business people, a positive meeting! 😊


Glad it has cooled down just a touch! This Friday’s blog section is a little different as we want to give our readers a break down of the different types of services that we offer, see below!

On site shredding – what does this mean?

On site shredding involves a vehicle coming to you at your premises and destroy your confidential data at your workplace or home! The shredder is built into the back of the vehicle and you can even watch your materials being shredded! This service is beneficial to anyone looking to have their data destroyed securely there and then a 100% secure service is what we offer.

Off-site shredding – What does mean?

Off-site, shredding is when we send our GPS tracked vehicle to your site, our fully vetted driver/s, who then collect your confidential data and it is transported back to our depot where it will be shredded within 24 hours to standard EN15713. All data is transported in our self paper bags and we bring lockable wheelie bins with us for transportation. Again, this service is 100% secure and very popular with our customers.

It has been a great week and we are already looking forward to what next week brings us here at The Shred Centre (maybe not the rain that is forecast)!

Have a great weekend all, The Shred Centre Team.

The Shred Centre – Shredded Week – 15th July 2019


Another lovely start to the week weather-wise! If only it could be nice and sunny all the time! We have dived headfirst into this new week, with our drivers all out of the depot by 6am to ensure they can complete their route and not let any customers down! Good job drivers and a big thank you to the guys (and gals!) for your constant hard work, and lovely happy smiles all round, always! We are often complimented on what a lovely attitude our drivers have when attending site.  A smile can go a long way and can make some one’s day, that’s what we are about here at The Shred Centre. Happy Monday all!

 ‘Your energy introduces you before you even speak’


Today rather than tell you all about how our Tuesday has gone, we thought we would give you all a little insight into the GDPR regulation that came into effect May 2018, have a read below!

GDPR explained in 5 minutes …

What does it stand for?

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation.

What is GDPR?

GDPR consists of a long list of regulations for the handling of consumer data, GDPR regulations came into effect on May 25th 2018, it has been in negotiating for over four years. The goal for the new legislation is to keep existing protocols in place, whilst increasing the safety of individuals.

Who will enforce it in the UK?

The information’s Commissioners office.

What’s New?

There are new rights for people to access the information companies hold about them, obligations for better data management for businesses, and a new regime of fines.

What did GDPR replace?

In the UK, the government has created a new Data Protection Act (2018) which replaces the 1998 Data Protection Act.

Accountability and Compliance

Companies covered by the GDPR are accountable for their handling of people’s personal information. This can include having data protection policies, data protection impact assessments and having relevant documents on how data is processed.

GDPR Fines

One of the biggest, and most talked about, elements of the GDPR has been the ability for regulators to fine businesses that don’t comply with it. If an organisation doesn’t process an individual’s data in the correct way, it can be fined.

What happens if you aren’t GDPR Compliant?

Failure to comply with GDPR can end up with a big lump of a fine! The extent of the fines your company will receive depends upon how severe the breach is, and the compliance actions you’ve taken because of the breach.


Our warehouse staff has been busy today! Our warehouse operative Mark has loaded 52 bales to send to Prudhoe, which is the equivalent to 19 tonnes! 19 TONNES of paper ready to be recycled and turned into loo roll! Great stuff, below is a picture of Mark Parsons, looking happy as always! Hehe. Great work all, Teamwork really does make the dream work!



Thursday’s mean pre-Friday! Almost at the end of the week, and a good week it has been! The office ladies have been busy, booking in all the schools for their annual clear out! And the drivers have all been superstars with all their hard efforts. We have had a few ‘big’ jobs throughout this week and drivers have got on with it, even in the heat, ensuring all jobs are completed to a high standard, which means happy customers. That’s what we aim for!


These weeks are flying by! Soon be Christmas .. or is it too soon to mention that word!? Another fantastic week here at The Shred Centre. Warehouse staff getting bales ready for next week, and our drivers smashing through their Friday route! Our office manager Katie is a little over-excited too as today is her last working day and then she goes on annual leave for a week! Jetting off to France with the family! We hope you have a lovely time and bring back the sunshine! Here’s to hoping Leigh copes well with next week’s pressure on her own, you’ve got this Leigh!

Thank you to our fabulous team for a great week!

The Shred Centre week 8th July 2019


Well that weekend went by quick! Blinked and it was Monday. We have had some great feedback left from our customers that we serviced last week – good job drivers and the ladies in the office! We had Leigh out of the office all day attending a social media master class, where she brushed up a little on the social media side of things, so that we can bring you the best content to all our social media platforms! Keep an eye out on the posts and don’t forget to like our page on all social media (facebook, Instagram, linked in)

Monday motivation quote:

‘To be successful, the first thing to do is fall in love with your work.’


A wet yet still warm start for us all today at The Shred Centre HQ! Our drivers Matt and Tim have been busy bees in the North East, collecting and shredding on site for our regular customers in Newcastle. Did you spot the #bluetruck!? We have also seen Leigh at a few meetings in Newcastle, getting our business out there, whilst Katie, Our office manager has been holding the fort back in the office! Team work makes the dream work! That’s a wrap for Tuesday! Use your head, let us shred!



Our driver Matthew, has been on his favourite route, to Cumbria. Check below the great shot he has captured! Views for days. With routes like these, how can you not love your job! The ladies in the office have been busy conducting interviews for an apprentice to start and work along side Leigh and Katie, offering them support with the phones, as we are getting busier and busier! Exciting times. Keep a look out for our new starter coming soon to The Shred Centre.



We started the day with Screentech (North East) Ltd attending our office in the North East to put up our new wall art, see below! Looks great and as always, a massive thank you.  Leigh, our account manager was successfully inducted into a BNI Group this morning. Leigh is now part of the Leaders Chapter BNI at Redworth Hall Hotel. We hope Leigh enjoys networking and of course we will enjoy gaining more business! ‘Changing the way the world does business’.



We have our drivers in Manchester, County Durham and Cumbria today, servicing  our lovely customers. And the sun is out, which is a bonus. Today our Warehouse Manager, Kacie,  has returned to the depot after being on the IOSH Managing Safely course all week and we are happy to say she has passed the exam today with full marks! Brilliant way to end the week, well done Kacie and keep up the good work!







Another successful week for all, just how we like it!

Have a great weekend all, The Shred Centre



What have we been up to this week at The Shred Centre?


After a lovely weekend of sunshine, it’s all positive vibes here at The Shred Centre! We kick start the day with our drivers out of the depot by 7 am, heading to their customers for the day. The warehouse team have had an early 5 am start, ready to shred and get bales ready to be loaded and sent away to be recycled into loo roll!

The office ladies have been busy, with Katie ahead of the game as always and gathering feedback from our customers new and old for us to see where we can improve! Leigh has been a busy bee on the sales side of things, engaging with new customers and setting up meeting’s for the MD Patrick to attend. It is all plain sailing here when you have a team as strong as The Shred Centre’s team! Happy Monday!

Quote of the day:

‘There will be obstacles, there will be doubters, there will be mistakes, BUT with hard work, there are no LIMITS!’


The Shred Centre


We started the day with Forklift Truck training, with our office ladies now up to speed on how to drive a forklift truck and the correct procedures involved whilst driving them around the warehouse. Big thank you to Carmel Safety for the training. See below pictures of the ladies in action.


The Shred CentreAnother beautiful sunny day here in the North East, meaning smiles all around! It has been a busy day for everyone, especially our lovely driver Timothy who has been at Middlesbrough Food bank helping clear out all of their secure waste. We offered this service to them free of charge with them being a charity and we are looking forward to working with them in the future! A big well done to everyone involved 😊


The Shred Centre

Early start for Leigh this morning, attending BNI meeting and networking! We also had Leigh over the Teesside Business summit, interacting with other business’s and Leigh also attended the Sales workshop! We have also seen the return of Natalie and Patrick who flew back from Ibiza this morning, welcome back! All our warehouse staff have been busy as usual getting loads of paper out so that it can be recycled! Our drivers have been mega busy too, out and about servicing our one off customers as well as delivering lockable consoles to our new customers! Another great day here at The Shred Centre.


We all love a Friday! Our office manager Katie has been holding the fort today while other members of staff have been out at meeting’s all day, thank you Katie, as always 100% effort! The weather is still lovely and warm, hoping it rolls into the weekend and Monday! It has been a great week for all, and we would like to thank each one who continuously puts 100% and more into their workload! Looking forward to a new week already.

Happy Friday all, The Shred Centre.

Shredding Services and Data Protection – Sweat the Small Stuff.

shredding data

Shredding services are no longer the priority defence when it comes to protecting your personal data, would you agree?

You might find it odd to hear that from a specialist security shredding company, but we would agree. There are far easier ways for criminals and identity thieves to steal your personal data and through the digital world, as we become more and more reliant on technology.

Protecting digital information is fast becoming the most effective way for companies and individuals to protect themselves from the most prolific attacks. Password protection, improved encryption and system auditing are up there as some of the most effective defences against these digital threats.

So are shredding services now obsolete?

Most definitely not. The fact is that when protecting your data it’s the little things that matter the most.

Some examples of why we think you should sweat the small stuff are;

  • Discarded items containing names and addresses could be used by fraudsters to create accounts in your or your business name. We suggest shredding all such documents to ensure your protection.
  • Notes jotted through the day by workers on jotter pads and at home by individuals, can often contain personal and sensitive data that can be used to hack computers, or as convincing material to impersonate you.
  • Old PC towers are often discarded when not needed. These data bearing devices often do not have their hard drives removed and with old encryption and software, are easy for criminals to access and utilise the data therein.
  • Printed materials used in day to day meetings for businesses are often held for that meeting and discarded, these items can contain project sensitive information and potentially sensitive customer, staff or client data. This information could be used to very damaging effect.

Our advice is to shred all documents that you utilise whilst at work and don’t take the risk on deciding what is or isn’t protected. Because that small piece of information could be used in ways you could not conceive.

As a private individual, we would suggest shredding all material that comes to you, that isn’t marketing materials from companies. It is really amazing what a criminal can do with a simple letter containing your name and address and some supporting documents.

If you need any help or advice please don’t hesitate to give us a call – 0333 360 1084